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How accessible are your company’s website and web materials to people with visual, physical, and other disabilities? Overlook this question, and you risk excluding vast groups of consumers who want to engage with your brand. Read our insights on accessible design principles and best practices.

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2022: What’s Changed In Our Four Years Covering This Space

Senem Guler Biyikli 6 days ago
On Global Accessibility Awareness Day this year, learn what’s changed in digital accessibility over the past four years. Read more.

The Business Case For Inclusive Design

What It Means May 12, 2022
Why has inclusive design become so important? On this episode of What It Means, Principal Analyst Gina Bhawalkar and UX Researcher Senem Biyikli delve into the multi-faceted benefits of inclusive design.

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Bot Management Vendors Show Progress On Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion

Sandy Carielli April 25, 2022
As previous Forrester research has shown, gender bias remains an urgent concern in cybersecurity, and issues around diversity, equity, and inclusion go far beyond gender. In the bot management world, where end users historically struggled with CAPTCHAs and other challenges that didn’t always support visual and physical impairments, having diverse voices in the room can […]

Get Help With Digital Accessibility: Tips For Selecting An Accessibility Partner

Gina Bhawalkar April 21, 2022
Over the last two years, digital accessibility quickly became a business priority. Forrester has seen a significant increase in inquiries related to accessibility, and more companies are hiring accessibility specialists — an encouraging signal that companies are making investments in this space. This increase is partly driven by the pandemic, which elevated the importance of […]

Design Leaders Reveal How To Build Inclusive And Diverse Design Teams — And Why That Matters

Senem Guler Biyikli March 28, 2022
Does your organization want to create inclusive experiences for your customers? Are you following an inclusive design process? If the answer to both questions is “yes,” great! But if you’re like most companies we speak with, you’re missing an essential component for creating inclusive experiences: an inclusive and diverse design team. Having such a team […]

Design For Confidence In Digital Experiences

Discover why your digital experiences need to make customers feel confident about the choices they make, and how to achieve that through deliberate design.

Great Solutions Compete For The Best Mobile Innovation For Accessibility And Inclusion Award

Karine Cardona-Smits January 28, 2022
I have been part of the Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO) jury for several years and have each year discovered inspirational competitors. This year, I judged one of the Tech4Good categories, and I found it particularly difficult to come to a final ranking. The three finalists illustrate perfectly how technology can be a powerful driver for […]

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CX Predictions 2022: The Year Of The Grand Pivot

Judy Weader October 27, 2021


Predictions 2022: This Is A Year To Be Bold

Sharyn Leaver October 26, 2021


Words Matter: Inclusive Experiences Start With Inclusive Language

Gina Bhawalkar September 13, 2021
Are you creating inclusive experiences for your customers? Many companies aren’t. For example, here’s a sampling of what we heard when we evaluated typical approaches to collecting personal information from consumers: “There is no open box to identify yourself. Ticking ‘other’ is alienating; therefore, if I didn’t identify as male or female, I wouldn’t feel […]

You Need A Design System — Here’s Why

Gina Bhawalkar August 2, 2021
Our research shows that the best organizations use a design system to streamline and scale experience design (XD). Learn the benefits of a design system.

How New Digital Analytics Funding Will Improve Design

Andrew Hogan May 26, 2021
Digital analytics will become a more powerful force in design, as recent consolidation in the interface experience analytics technology space indicates. Learn more.

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What’s Wrong With Quick-Fix Products For Digital Accessibility

Gina Bhawalkar May 4, 2021
Update 4/21/22:  For more recent guidance on this category of vendors please see my blog post Get Help With Digital Accessibility: Tips For Selecting An Accessibility Partner. Let’s get straight to the point: There’s no quick fix for making your digital experiences accessible. That’s true even if your approach to accessibility is narrowly focused on […]

Digital Accessibility Enters The Spotlight As A Business Priority

Gina Bhawalkar April 9, 2021
When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, in many cases making digital the only channel through which customers could interact with brands, Forrester saw a significant uptick in inquiries related to accessibility, mostly from companies getting serious about accessibility for the first time. The pandemic served as a wake-up call not just about the importance of digital […]

Digital Accessibility Is About Great CX, Not Just Compliance — Takeaways From Deque’s Inaugural Axe-con Conference

Gina Bhawalkar March 29, 2021
I speak with companies weekly about the growing importance of digital accessibility, and prior to 2020, those conversations almost always started with this question: “How do we make our sites and apps accessible so we don’t get sued?” It’s a fair question — after all, the number of web and mobile accessibility lawsuits has increased […]

Get Your Design System Right: Approach It Like A Product

Gina Bhawalkar November 30, 2020
A design system continually evolves — it’s not a project a design team can complete and move on from. In fact, a design system requires an ongoing time and resources investment just like a customer-facing digital product.

Still Considering Mobile Experience As A Reduced Web Experience? Wake Up!

Karine Cardona-Smits August 24, 2020
As we're reviewing mobile banking apps for our upcoming European Digital Experience Review™ research, there's a noticeable gap between leaders and laggards on both user experience and functionalities offered in-app. The main reason that keeps laggards behind resides in their mobile experience strategy — or, rather, the lack of it.

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Like Night And Day: Twitter’s And Apple’s Contrasting Moves On Accessibility

Gina Bhawalkar June 25, 2020
The two companies' recent actions highlight the difference between placing accessibility front and center versus treating it as an afterthought.

Apple Takes An Inspiring Stand On UX, Privacy, And Diversity At WWDC 2020

Karine Cardona-Smits June 24, 2020
Apple revealed major announcements for the new iOS 14 system during its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2020. What is coming to the iPhone demonstrates a deep understanding of our behavior and use of our devices in mobility. It also makes a clear statement on privacy and diversity principles. UX Is All About Use In Context […]

Redesign Your Physical Location To Successfully Welcome Customers Back

Jennifer Wise May 12, 2020
To encourage customers to come back and usher in economic recovery, companies must plan to redesign their physical-location experiences to address customer fears of COVID-19 and their desire to maintain social distancing.
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