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As public cloud use proliferates, firms are leveraging private cloud solutions to combine the benefits of the cloud with increased security and flexibility.

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re:Invent Roundup: AWS’s Hottest New Compute Announcements

Tracy Woo 1 day ago


Predictions 2022: Cloud Computing Reloaded

Lee Sustar October 27, 2021


Kubernetes Is Going To Cost You — But Nobody Knows How Much

Lee Sustar August 27, 2021
The biggest barrier to wider Kubernetes (K8s) adoption in the enterprise may not a cumbersome customer resource definition or an incomprehensible service mesh but rather a skeptical CFO waiting for someone to provide them with a price tag for that cloud-native infrastructure. A recent FinOps Foundation survey with 195 respondents — 75% of whom reported […]

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Acquires Zerto, Seeks To Beat IBM At Being IBM, And Dell At Everything

Brent Ellis July 1, 2021
On July 1, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) acquired Zerto for $374 million. Adding Zerto to its product portfolio increases the capabilities of HPE’s GreenLake IT-as-a-service (ITaaS) platform by adding best-of-breed, low-latency copy data management and continuous data protection functionality. Many existing managed service providers (MSPs) already bundle Zerto as their data mover for disaster recovery […]

APEX Overcasts Dell Technologies World 2021

Naveen Chhabra May 11, 2021
Since its inception, Dell Technologies has had many achievements, of which it should be proud. Dell revolutionized the PC market, made its way into the enterprise data center business, and created the largest tech company of its time. However, the shifting technology industry is forcing Dell to adapt faster than ever, more than ever, and […]

Kubernetes (K8s): From Orchestration War To Platform Showdown To OS Standard?

Lee Sustar April 28, 2021
The once-hot Mesos open source project had a recent brush with oblivion. How did Kubernetes (K8s) win the orchestration war? And where did Mesos go wrong?

Introducing The Forrester Tech Sustainability Framework

Abhijit Sunil August 19, 2020
Get new insight on how your sustainability efforts can help optimize your tech stack and IT strategy.

Predictions 2022 Live

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How Shell Is Bridging The Technical Skills Gap

Tracy Woo July 14, 2020
There’s been a ton of buzz and activity around my first report, “Mind The Cloud Skills Gap.” As such, when Shell presented at the IBM Think Digital event earlier this year about reskilling its staff, I was very keen to attend. The key takeaways from this session were: Shell Chief Data and Analytics Officer Frans […]

Red Hat’s Marketplace Seeks To Simplify Kubernetes (K8s) Management

Tracy Woo May 11, 2020
The biggest announcement from Red Hat’s Summit virtual event was Red Hat Marketplace, operated by IBM. Building on its existing container orchestration software, OpenShift, Red Hat has created a central software purchasing location for automated deployment to any cloud. Red Hat is positioning its Marketplace as the solution to critical pain points from development, security, […]

Managing Costs In Azure

Tracy Woo May 8, 2020
Cost management is a topic that consistently comes up in inquiry, regardless of whether the original question was about cost management or about other aspects of cloud strategy. Up until recently, cost management was exclusively served by third-party software offerings. Over the past two years, however, native cloud providers have started to invest in native […]

Forecasting In Uncertainty: What Q1 2020 Vendor Earnings Tell Us About The Tech Market Outlook

Andrew Bartels May 1, 2020
A detailed analysis of how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the high-tech market from Vice President Andrew Bartels.

Insurtech Funding Roundup, Q1 2020: Investors Reduce Risk As The COVID-19-Induced Downturn Settles In

Jeffery Williams April 29, 2020
Insurtech funding contracted last quarter amid economic uncertainty. As the pandemic and its aftereffects linger, the outlook remains unclear.

Predictions 2022 Live

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Google Helps Users Reduce Google Cloud Costs

Tracy Woo April 20, 2020
Over the past two years, the major native cloud players have launched cloud management product teams focused on improving the visibility, billing, and optimization capabilities available natively. Google has also joined this effort. The company provides customers with cost and billing support via onboarding checklists, how-to guides, billing support specialists, and providing billing account, catalog, […]

An Appetizer For My Latest Doc: Mind The Cloud Skills Gap

Tracy Woo March 24, 2020
Last week I published “Mind The Cloud Skills Gap.” I didn’t end that declaration with an exclamation mark, but really, that’s what I feel: excitement! Why? 1) It’s my first Forrester report and 2) The report covers a topic that many clients are asking about: What do we do when we want to build a […]

Google Moved The Privacy Protections Of Its UK Users To Its US Entity — This Is A Change That Affects You

Enza Iannopollo February 25, 2020
Learn three major impacts of Google’s US entity becoming the data controller for UK personal data.

Predictions 2020: Cloud Computing Sees New Alliances And New Security Concerns

Dave Bartoletti November 4, 2019
In 2020, the cloud computing market will sees interesting new alliances and face new security concerns. Read Forrester's 2020 cloud predictions to find out more.

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Matthew Guarini June 12, 2019
FTD Bankruptcy A Lesson For Long-Standing Brands: Don’t Rest On Your Laurels When century-old floral stalwart FTD filed for Chapter 11, it sent shivers through C-suites of venerable brands everywhere. In a growing market, this pioneer should have dominated. It has long offered eCommerce and delivery, features that competitive direct-to-consumer (DTC) upstarts now use to […]

European Predictions 2022

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FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Matthew Guarini June 4, 2019
As The (Blockchain) World Turns: Part 1 A couple of announcements in particular this week served as a reminder that enterprises and vendors alike remain committed to leveraging distributed ledger technology (DLT). Proving the naysayers wrong, TradeLens (the IBM/Maersk global supply chain initiative) welcomed on board two further ocean carriers — CMA CGM and MSC […]

Predictions 2019 Update: Cloud Computing Soars To New Heights

Dave Bartoletti April 24, 2019
The cloud ride is accelerating. Cloud vendor innovation pace is off the charts, and revenue is soaring. Take a look at three of our 2019 cloud computing predictions to see where we stand a third of the way through the year.

The Questions CIOs Need To Be Asking About Their Firm’s Cloud Application Exposure

Andrew Bartels April 9, 2019
 In my tech market forecasts, I am starting to see the intersection of two worrisome trends: Software subscription fees for multitenant SaaS or for single-instance hosted software are rising rapidly, with a growing percentage related to existing software as opposed to new and with a high percentage having fixed annual fees or fees tied to […]
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