Customer-obsessed businesses recognize how customer experience (CX) strategy can help meet rising client expectations in the Age of the Customer. But few have realized the potential for CX to improve the experience of their “internal” customers: employees.

CIOs have the power to drive considerable improvements in employee experience by implementing CX strategy within their tech organizations. Through the creation of user personas, journey maps, ecosystem maps, and related “outside-in” practices, tech leaders can empower their staff to provide superior service that is based on a strong understanding of the types of users they serve and the contexts in which employees engage IT. These improvements reduce the risks posed by shadow IT and the various workarounds employees adopt when they attempt to side-step the tech organization.

As customer expectations increase, so too will employee expectations. A CX-empowered tech organization is an important part of any effort to drive recruitment and improve employee retention and is an ideal platform for CIOs to demonstrate the best practices of CX to their firm’s leadership and business units.

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