It’s 2021. Social media is ubiquitous, from social networks to forums to brand-created communities to messaging apps. Brand marketers shouldn’t be asking if their consumers are on social media, but rather, “Do they want to hear from my brand?” Our new Landscape report in the Forrester Social Marketing Playbook breaks down the four types of social consumers: Social Skeptics, Social Samplers, Social Supporters, and Social Savants. This social consumer segmentation will help marketers understand if their social media programs resonate with their target audience.

Forrester updated this social consumer framework by examining the intersection between 1) consumers’ feelings about brands and companies on social media, and 2) those consumers’ social media usage throughout the six stages of the customer lifecycle. Here’s what we found:

  • Each social segment exhibits different demographics and behaviors. For example, the youngest segment, Social Savants, are the smallest segment by percentage at 17%, yet they are the most active on social media (90% post on social media at least weekly). They show their support for brands by following them on social media, while other segments, like Social Skeptics, could care less about doing so.
  • Each social segment shows varying behaviors beyond social media. Our social segmentation extends further to demonstrate each group’s preferences for media streaming services, retail behaviors, and financial activities. For example, Social Savants and Social Supporters prefer streaming apps like Hulu and Disney+, whereas Social Skeptics are least likely to use media streaming services.
  • To run a successful social media program, marketers must understand if their audience aligns with Social Savants or Social Supporters. Pinpointing a target audience within the four social segments allows marketers to understand if their consumers are likely to interact with their brands on social media — and better understand those consumers’ behaviors, attitudes, and interests on and off social media.

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