Companies count on their customer experience (CX) leaders to create a consistent, on-brand, high-quality experience that aligns with the firm’s expression of customer obsession. That means that CX leaders must organize stakeholders enterprisewide — often without direct authority over the people, process, and technology they need to influence. But how?

During my keynote speech at Forrester’s CX North America Forum, I’ll present new research that details the six priorities that CX leaders must focus on to succeed. In brief, CX leaders must:

  • Establish, fund, and scale the CX function. Establish a function to facilitate development and adoption of the companywide CX vision and strategy. Guide CX transformation across diverse stakeholders, and prove the function’s value to gain credibility and scale.
  • Collect and analyze data for customer insights. Identify business needs that require customer insights. Integrate and analyze relevant data from multiple sources, and derive insights to inform business decisions that impact customer loyalty and growth.
  • Embed customer insights into the business. Give your customer a seat at the table by embedding customer insights and metrics into the entire CX ecosystem. Inspire people, design processes, and leverage technology to drive customer-focused action.
  • Design experiences that drive loyalty. Create experiences that meet the needs of the people you aim to serve and that fulfill your brand promise. Evaluate how users respond, and monitor CX to improve continuously.
  • Enable CX with technology. Select and implement tools that gather, analyze, and make voice-of-the-customer data actionable. Lead efforts to integrate data from business systems that contextualize the CX and help the business make improvements.
  • Measure CX performance, and prove ROI. Create an enterprisewide CX measurement architecture that links customer perceptions to operational data and business outcomes. Prove that CX efforts produced the predicted business results.

I’ll also present new data that demonstrates how CX leaders who succeed at these six priorities drive customer loyalty, deliver business results, and justify greater investment in CX.

So please join me, a host of other Forrester experts, and CX leaders from top brands at CX North America 2021.