As a CX professional, you’ve surely designed and delivered some experiences you’re proud of, but does your company do it reliably, time and time again?

Next month at Forrester’s CX Europe Forum in London, I’ll be joined by 600 CX leaders and innovators to focus on precisely that: How to achieve breakaway CX by transforming your company so that great CX becomes constant, not occasional; designed into the fabric of your organization; something you — and most important, your customers — can count on.

On our agenda: 30 sessions featuring Forrester analysts as well as leaders from Sainsbury’s, DBS Bank, AccorHotels, Stanford University, PKO Bank, DataStax, and more.

We’ll be exploring how to achieve breakaway CX focusing not just on what you do but how you do it across a wide array of domains including factoring your customers’ values into designing experiences; making the most of artificial intelligence and augmented reality; tailoring customer journeys based on fast and precise insight; making your design and development processes more agile; and much more, including a presentation by special guest and best-selling author Chip Heath, co-author of  Made To Stick, and Switch, as well as his new The Power of Moments. I’ll also be hosting a panel discussion on how to be a change agent for breakaway CX with Stuart Jackson (Head of Digital and User Experience, TSB Bank), Richard Lewis (Design Director, Experience Design, Sainsburys), and Tamsin Todd (CEO, FindMyPast).

Join us at CX Europe on November 14 and 15 to hear from our speakers, to participate in these conversations, and to network — your registration cost will be reduced by £200 if you use the code CXE17BLOG. See you in London!