Generative AI (genAI) is the most hyped technology for 2024, seemingly poised to change how we interact with technology and apparently upset every industry. But while it is seemingly talked about everywhere, according to Forrester’s February 2024 Consumer Pulse Survey, only 39% of US online adults have actually used generative AI.

So Let’s Test It, In (Friendly) Competition!

Join us at Forrester’s Technology & Innovation Summit North America for an innovation lab where you’ll get to work with other business and public sector leaders to not only try out the cutting edge in genAI but also get hands-on practice with how discrete genAI models can be applied and — most importantly — do some good while you’re at it.

Come experience an energizing afternoon of learning, experimenting, and networking. In addition to facilitating the innovation lab, I’ll be giving an exclusive overview on the current and future state of the genAI market as well as hosting a fireside chat with our premier sponsors.

  • Date: Monday, September 9
  • Time: 1–4:15 p.m. CT
  • Location: JW Marriott Austin

Let’s Build Something Fast!

To give us the best chance to show off what multimodal genAI can do (and experiment ourselves), the purpose of this innovation lab will be working to create civic nudge campaigns, a messaging strategy that subtly directs people toward positive behavioral choices.

Whether that’s building messaging around littering, distracted driving, pedestrian safety, or even steps to improve public health, we’ll be testing how genAI can (and can’t) assist in this endeavor.

In this interactive networking session, we’ll challenge you and a team of business and public sector leaders to collaborate, using genAI to:

  • Understand the civic issue. What behavior are you trying to address? How can genAI help refine the scope and clarify the nuances of an issue? How can genAI help you identify the alternative behavior(s) that you’re looking to drive?
  • Identify your target audience. Maybe it’s Gen Zers. Maybe it’s retired Boomers. Maybe it’s office workers or rideshare drivers. How can genAI help identify and adjust the target demographic? How can genAI help build a persona?
  • Devise a nudge slogan. What turn of phrase will stick in people’s minds? How can genAI help brainstorm and iterate on this catchy saying?
  • Develop a creative video commercial. It’s your chance to create the Super Bowl commercial of your dreams. How can genAI help you draft a creative script and storyboard? How can genAI turn those ideas into the video content you need?
  • Pitch to a panel of “investors” to win “funding” for your ideas. You will have a maximum of three minutes to impress the esteemed judges with your nudge campaign commercial and plan.

All in under THREE HOURS! It’ll be fun, I swear. Space is limited, so register today! And I look forward to seeing you in Austin, Texas!

To register, contact your account team or visit our website.