Forrester is delighted to announce the opening call for the highly anticipated Forrester Awards for 2022, our expanded awards program, which includes the Technology Strategy Impact Awards and the Enterprise Architecture Award. The Forrester Awards 2022 program will recognize leaders and their organizations for excellence in technology strategy and in enterprise architecture that drives an obsession with customer success and business growth. These leaders and their teams help their entire businesses become adaptive, creative, and resilient — what Forrester calls future fit.

Nominate Yourself For The 2022 Forrester Awards

These awards are open to companies and organizations with 1,000 employees or more in sectors other than software or professional services.

You should participate if you are proud of what you have achieved with a modern, future fit, outcome-driven overall technology or enterprise architecture strategy and if you can demonstrate the ways in which that strategy has helped your company grow and deliver customer and employee success.

You will sharpen your story, reinforce your strategy, and grow your influence by participating, competing, and being recognized. All participants will celebrate their teams and deepen their success through this process.

So if you have a story to tell, we encourage you to submit it for consideration for the Forrester Awards. You can find more information about the award categories, plus detailed submission packages and instructions, in the Forrester Awards 2022 sections of the websites for our three Technology & Innovation events. Please choose the correct link for your region:

Submissions close on June 17, 2022. We’ll notify finalists by the end of June 2022. At that time, we’ll ask for additional information. We’ll then announce finalists and award recipients ahead of Forrester’s Technology & Innovation events in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.