Over the past few months, Forrester has been working closely with our clients to reimagine how our research can shorten the distance between bold vision and big business decisions. On May 3, we announced Forrester Decisions: a new approach and brand-new platform focusing our research, insights, and collaborative resources on helping you solve the most challenging technology issues you face. Customer obsession remains at the heart of Forrester Decisions. Why? Well, it’s simple. Customer-obsessed companies grow faster, earn better customer satisfaction, and have higher employee engagement.

For technology executives, that means delivering a technology strategy that enables customer obsession now and in the future. This is where we developed Forrester’s future fit technology strategy. A future fit tech strategy is a customer-obsessed approach to technology that enables a company to quickly reconfigure business structures and capabilities to meet future customer and employee needs with adaptivity, creativity, and resilience. But the real value of a future fit tech strategy lies in three more-specific core building blocks that can unlock adaptivity, creativity, and resilience fast: platforms, practices, and partnerships.

The strategy is simple — three capabilities and three P’s — a powerful combination that delivers impressive results. Companies with a future fit tech strategy deliver at nearly three times their peers. Diving into our future fit research, you find the knowledge needed to increase your resilience, adaptiveness, and creativity. There is also a treasure trove of insights on platforms, practices, and partners. Complementing these areas are case studies and practical tools designed to help you accelerate your move to a future fit strategy.

As we painted our future fit vision to clients, it became clear that they wanted more. Specifically, they asked to understand what are the most important priorities to focus on that align with future fit. Thus, we engaged clients and nonclients to identify the seven pillars that you see in Figure 1. Each pillar represents a critical outcome that technology executives are required to build, manage, and/or influence to enable customer obsession across the ecosystem. And it is our contention that continually improving in each of these seven outcomes will drive the tech function to higher levels of resilience, adaptiveness, and creativity.

Please keep an eye on my blog to learn more about Forrester Decision’s tech exec service. You are going to like what you see and, better yet, the results you can achieve.