We’ve spent the last few weeks hothousing ideas for the forthcoming Digital Transformation forum in Chicago on May 9th and 10th. We’ve been identifying the key themes that will ripple through our Digital Transformation events in 2017. Themes that resonate with where the market is at right now, and ones that point to the rapidly emerging future.


I’ve stood on stage at our events over the last few years and talked variously about the digital revolution, the fact that digital transformation is a journey, not a destination, the need to think big and digitize your business strategy and the need for a new, collaborative approach that engages colleagues, partners and customers in co-creating the future. None of these topics are wrong, and I’ve enjoyed each and every presentation, but this year we’re going way beyond the why and what to dig deeper into how.


Digital business leaders need to accelerate the pace of change, so for 2017 we’re deep-diving into four key “how to” topics:


  • How to inspire and lead rapid, outside-in transformation.
  • How to re-invigorate your business model and become a disruptor.
  • How to re-invent ways of working to re-orient back-end operations around your customers.
  • How to re-architect your technology to embrace enterprise agility.

Tell us what you think. We believe these questions will steer the critical decisions digital business leaders need to take now to understand their customers, manage change and grow their businesses.


To finish, we want to do something new. To move at pace you need to ground your plans in a clear vision of the future. At Forrester we have a wealth of forecasting models that map out the potential growth of eCommerce, mobile payments, digital banking and the like. These data-driven models are rooted in years of trended data. But these days we are also going further and are embracing futurology. Our Forrester Futurology webinar series, spearheaded by Mike Facemire, takes our leading research and blends it with analyst insight to paint a picture of a possible tomorrow. That tomorrow is closer than you might think. To close the event out with a bang, we’ll be bringing this to the mainstage in Chicago.


You can register here and we’ll knock $300 off if you use the code DTBLOG. We look forward to seeing you there.