Faced with increasingly empowered customers, together with mounting pressure from existing and potential digital disruptors in the financial services sector (such as Alipay in China and Codapay in Southeast Asia), many banks across Asia Pacific have launched mobile banking apps to enable customers to make mobile transactions. Initally, these mobile banking apps suffered from abysmally low customer adoption and delivered poor customer experience. However, mobile banking apps have come a long way over the past five years, going from little more than an extension of online banking to what one digital banking executive calls “the most important part of my job.”

Through conversations with our FSI clients, we have observed a positive transformation in how eBusiness executives think about and execute on their mobile strategy, which contributed to rising adoption levels and better customer experience. The most notable shift that eBusiness executives have made is to perceive mobile as a crucial part of their organization’s broader business transformation imperative linked to specific business objectives and outcomes — this is fundamentally different from the early days when some eBusiness executives equated a mobile app to a mobile strategy.

Our exclusive FSI summit in Singapore on Friday, April 15 will bring together an intimate group of senior executives from banks, insurance companies, and selected fintech firms. At the event, my colleagues and I will share Forrester’s FSI digital business research, and facilitate discussions with industry leaders.

My presentation, “Who Does Mobile Banking Well In Asia Pacific?”, will explore:

  • Key mobile banking trends across Asia Pacific
  • Why mobile is not just a channel
  • Why leveraging your customers’ mobile moments will transform the customer experience
  • How leading banks in Asia Pacific are serving empowered customers
  • How eBusiness executives can deliver great— not just good — mobile banking experiences

I will also join my colleague Fred Giron in the afternoon to co-lead a workshop on how to gauge your progress in digital transformation.

We have limited spots left, if you are interested to find out more, please contact my lovely colleague Benazir Farvin. One-on-one meetings can also be arranged with the analysts who are presenting for executives who’d like a more in-depth discussion on specific topics. 

We’re looking forward to hosting an interactive and dynamic discussion with senior executives from the financial services industry in the region. I definitely look forward to seeing you there!