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AI-Powered Rap Song Heralds New, Unprecedented Experiences

Zhi Ying Barry April 12, 2023
Generative AI opens new possibilities for quickly delivering novel experiences. But with great power comes great responsibility.

A New Year Demands A New Digital Measurement Framework

Zhi Ying Barry February 1, 2023
There’s something about entering a new year. Unbridled optimism, renewed hopes, and general positivity about having a fresh start are typical emotions. But 2023 is not like any other year. The pandemic-fueled growth that many firms experienced in 2022 appears to have come to a halt as organizations enter 2023 facing the prospect of an […]

APAC Predictions 2023: Financial Services Firms Look To New Drivers Of Growth Amidst Uncertainty

Zhi Ying Barry November 10, 2022
Learn how financial services firms in the Asia Pacific region will brace for tougher geopolitical and economic conditions ahead.

How Should Financial Services Firms Prioritize Investments In Green Finance Products And Experiences?

Zhi Ying Barry October 26, 2022
Environmental sustainability is fast becoming a priority for consumers, businesses, and governments. In fact, Forrester believes that we’re in the early stages of a green market revolution — a historic business opportunity, on par with the first and second industrial revolutions. In response, leading financial services firms across banking, investment, and insurance have launched an […]

Global Green Finance Saw Record Growth In 2021, Exceeding US$720 Billion

Zhi Ying Barry October 18, 2022
Find out why financial services firms have launched a wide array of green finance products and experiences recently and what the future outlook is for the market.

Drive Profitable Growth And Deliver Value Through Digital

Zhi Ying Barry September 14, 2022
While APAC firms understand that digital is a business imperative, many struggle to measure digital’s impact. Forrester’s new service for digital business and strategy leaders in Asia Pacific can help.

Australian Mobile Banking Apps Are Put To The Test As Consumers Grapple With A Volatile Economic Climate

Zhi Ying Barry August 4, 2022
(Written by Seles Sebastin, Riccardo Pasto, and Zhi-Ying Barry) We live in a turbulent world. While the Australian economy is set to continue its (albeit bumpy) recovery with a record-low unemployment rate, a resurgence of COVID-19 cases and severe flooding have led to work stoppages and left many communities economically vulnerable. Australian consumers also face […]

Join Us At CX APAC 2022 To Understand How To Design For Emotion

Zhi Ying Barry April 11, 2022
Emotion is key to delivering differentiated customer experiences that drive brand loyalty. Join us next month at CX APAC to learn more.

The Unstoppable Rise Of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

Sam Higgins December 23, 2021
With the broader rollout of the e-yuan next month, government-backed digital currency will enter a new era. What will it hold for banks, non-financial services firms, and society at large?

Predictions 2022: (APAC) Banking On The Old And Doubling Down On The New

Zhi Ying Barry November 9, 2021
The Asia Pacific banking sector has largely weathered the pandemic crisis. But with revenues being squeezed by low interest rates and sluggish loan growth, APAC banks will make big bets and increase their spending on technology, talent, and fintech to drive growth. Tapping into the opportunities brought on by the digital momentum gained during the […]

APAC Countries Look To Strengthen Sustainable Finance Regulations

Diane Deng October 12, 2021
In APAC, vast political, economic, and social differences among countries pose an impact on sustainable finance regulations. Even for ESG factors that are easiest to measure and compare — carbon emission, for example — there are still no common goals in the region. Only China (pledged to become carbon-neutral in 2060), South Korea (2050), Japan (2050), New Zealand (2050), and Indonesia (2060) have set a net-zero target, leading to different approaches and progress in regulating sustainable finance activities.

Boost Confidence And Transparency By Elevating Digital Superannuation Experiences

Zhi Ying Barry March 24, 2021
A perfect storm of change has hit the superannuation sector, as three distinct trends have converged. First, COVID-19 has accelerated digital adoption as super firms’ websites and mobile apps have become hubs for their members’ retirement planning decisions. In the past year, 60% of Australian online adults checked their account balance and transaction history online, […]

The Age Of Reinvention In Lending

Zhi Ying Barry December 13, 2020
The lending landscape is changing rapidly. While many of the drivers of change emerged over the past decade, COVID-19 has dramatically accelerated the pace of disruption. COVID-19 introduced massive business and operational challenges, turning lending risk assessment and management on its head.

Mobile Banking Apps Take Center Stage As Australians Embrace Digital Banking

Zhi Ying Barry July 15, 2020
ATM use and branch traffic are way down, while contactless payments and digital banking services have increased dramatically. COVID-19 has forced Australian consumers to adopt digital banking, and the change is here to stay.

Lenders: Speed Up Access To Small Business Loans

Zhi Ying Barry April 27, 2020
Whether small businesses survive in the next few months depends on what lenders do right now. But they're struggling to underwrite and disburse loans at speed that will give small businesses the access to the working capital that they desperately need. Learn what lenders can do.

Open Banking In Australia: Where Are We Now?

Zhi Ying Barry April 15, 2020
Quite a lot has happened since 2020 started. As Australian banking leaders roll out initiatives to help consumers and small business owners cope with the fallout from the coronavirus, they also face an impending deadline: to make consumer data available by July this year. Although open banking was announced two years ago, most Australian banks […]

Infosys APAC Confluence 2020 — Great Messages, But Now Comes The Hard Part: Execution

Zhi Ying Barry February 4, 2020
It has been quite a start to 2020, and we’re barely out of January! China reported its first death from an unknown type of coronavirus; basketball legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and seven others were killed in a helicopter crash (#mambaforever); and more than 50 bushfires are still burning across Australia. In the face of […]

What Is The ROI Of Digital Transformation In Insurance?

Zhi Ying Barry January 22, 2020
In 2020, executives at insurance firms need to tie digital initiatives to revenue or risk seeing budgets slashed.

Xerocon 2019: It’s Only Just The Beginning

Zhi Ying Barry September 6, 2019
Xerocon — Xero’s annual partner event held this year in Brisbane — has become the dazzling destination event for accountants, bookkeepers, and ecosystem app partners. The energy and excitement from the crowd was palpable, with Xero executives jumping up on stage with exuberance as an array of DJs pumped out tunes. But it was not […]

Asia Pacific Financial Consumers’ Digital Coming Of Age Is Here — Is Your Firm Ready?

Zhi Ying Barry August 7, 2019
Something remarkable is happening with Asia Pacific online adults: Their behaviors and expectations are evolving at an unprecedented rate, and they’re embracing innovation faster than ever before. Forrester found that consumers in Asia Pacific markets are some of the most advanced when it comes to digital engagement. Their high levels of empowerment affect how they […]
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