With ransomware continuing as a high-impact problem (with seemingly no end in sight), we’ve put together some useful ransomware resources for security practitioners. Security and risk (S&R) pros can use these resources to help prevent, protect, detect, and respond to ransomware outbreaks.

The links below are a mixture of Forrester’s own research and third-party links. These include incident response (IR), with ransomware as a subcomponent of IR. Some links tackle backup and resilience. There are also links to government bodies and, perhaps the most important links, to practitioners who are battling ransomware infestations day in and day out.

Forrester Analysts Covering Ransomware Topics

Forrester’s S&R and infrastructure and operations teams feature a strong group of analysts who cover topics related to ransomware, resilience, and recovery. These analysts include:

Helpful Links For Combating Ransomware

We curated a number of helpful resources for S&R pros who are battling ransomware. These are all links to third-party websites that may be helpful.

Perhaps the best and most all-encompassing list of links for various IR use cases resides on GitHub: meirwah’s Awesome Incident Response.

Many of the links listed below are also included there, so consider it as a starting point for your ransomware research.

Australian Cyber Security Centre

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)


National Institute of Standards and Technology

National Cyber Security Centre [UK]

Incident Response Playbooks, Guidance, and Tabletops

Forrester Ransomware Research And Resources

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the research we’ve done on ransomware and incident response over the years. Blogs are published outside the Forrester paywall for anyone to read, while research reports are behind the paywall and only accessible by Forrester clients.


Ransomware And Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning

Incident Response

Please note that we largely kept security vendor resources out of the lists here. Plenty of vendors have outstanding content for security teams, but you’ll likely find that the links above will be more than enough to keep your teams informed … and busier than ever (as if that was needed).

Forrester clients, please reach out to your account teams to schedule inquiries with any of the analysts listed in the report.