Does your organization span regions, lines of business, and brands? That makes scaling a customer experience (CX) measurement program more challenging; you need to balance consistency and oversight with adaptation and localization.

Table showing how CX leaders scaling CX measurement across complex organizations must strike a balance between consistency and oversight (first column) as well as adaptation and localization (second column).


Find Answers To Crucial Questions In Our New Research

The new report, How To Scale CX Measurement Across A Complex Organization, answers some of the key questions you will face, including:

  • Do we need to choose the same CX metric in each part of the organization?
  • Should we report one aggregate CX score for the entire organization?
  • Should we use weights when we aggregate CX scores across the organization?
  • How does a CX team facilitate CX improvement actions at the local, regional, and global level?
  • Which tasks do central CX teams take on, and which tasks should local teams take on?
  • What aspects of the program should be standardized across the company vs. specific to a line of business or country?

Scale Your Program By Evolving Practices In Six Dimensions Of Maturity

Below is a summary of recommendations for how to evolve practices for strategy, metrics, processes, analytics, people, and governance.

More details and company examples are in the report.

Table showing how to scale CX measurement in a complex organization by evolving efforts in six dimensions: strategy, metrics, processes, analytics, people, and governance. The first column shows the six dimensions, and the second column summarizes advice for evolving practices for each dimension.


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