As a veteran of enterprise IT, there’s a difference between “hybrid by design” and “hybrid by accident.” Let’s be frank: you are probably doing hybrid by accident – just about everybody is. Hybrid by accident is:

  • Integrating public cloud with on-premises tech without standardizing on a common infrastructure-as-code practice
  • Shadow IT cloud “experiments” that suddenly become production (often to the chagrin of the infrastructure team)
  • Outdated governance practices that slow everybody down

Most IT pros will be shaking their heads knowingly at this point.

Then there’s hybrid by design. Admittedly, it is trickier to execute. Most don’t get it right out of the box, but it can pay off huge dividends. Hybrid by design is:

In my first year at Forrester, I have had the privilege to write alongside many great minds including Glenn O’Donnell, Robert Stroud, Richard Fichera, Dave Bartoletti, Joseph Blankenship, Charlie Betz, and many others. My journey to educate on hybrid is just starting, as your “hybrid by design” journey is likely beginning as well. Follow my work and we will make this journey together.