You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a sequel — a “Part Deux,” so to speak. But in fact, this is Forrester’s inaugural Data Strategy & Insights event. So why “this time”? Because, frankly, you’ve been to other conferences. You’ve been duped by other headlines. But we’ll actually be tackling insights to action, starting with Brandon Purcell’s keynote, “Come Together To Deliver The Next Best Experience” — for real this time.

Registrants of the event answered a key question on their registration formsWhat is your top priority in the next 12 months?

As I review those answers, I’m struck by how well the Forum team planned the conference sessions; they anticipated attendees’ most burning issues. I can say that without being immodest — I had very little to do with the planning.

  • Registrants have data and data strategy questions. We’ve got answers. From the mainstage to deep-dive sessions, this conference illustrates Forrester’s recognition that data is the foundation of insights and built an agenda accordingly, dedicating three out of four conference agenda portions to solving thorny data issues. Some examples include “Your Data Is Worth Nothing — Unless You Use It,” presented by Jennifer Belissent, Ph.D.; “Unleashing Your Data’s Full Potential,” a partner session presented by Travis Tran, technology integration manager, JPMorgan Chase and Helen Thompson, industry strategy, Esri; and “Aim Your Data Strategy At Sustained Business Acceleration,” new research presented by Brian Hopkins.
  • Registrants are enthused and curious about using data and analytics for growth. We will cover this in so many contexts and have invited friends to help, because who knows better than peer practitioners? Attendees should catch “Leveraging Data & Analytics For Business Impact At Schwab,” presented by John Carter, SVP of analytics and business insight, Charles Schwab; “Using Data To Drive GM’s Business Forward,” presented by A. Charles Thomas, Ph.D., chief data and analytics officer, General Motors; and “Data Is Great, But Insights Are Money: How To Drive Revenue with Deep Consumer Insights,” with Andy Hunn, chief operating officer, Resonate.
  • Customer success and customer centricity. Respondents mentioned support for customer obsession in various ways. I was excited to uncover that. (You may know that Forrester has a few thoughts on customer obsession, as well.) If you want to obsess with us at the Forum, join us for “Crush Analytics Roadblocks To Become The Customer Whisperer,” facilitated by yours truly (me!); “Close The Loop For Customer Obsession,” presented by Mahesh Chandrappa, enterprise technology executive, State Farm and James McCormick; and “Jump-Start Customer Journey Analytics,” presented by Tina Moffett.

PS — Check out the two pre-Forum workshops. Want to talk about data storytelling with Cinny Little? Put simply, it’s a skill of the future. Or discuss driving business outcomes with data science with Kjell Carlsson, Ph.D. This session will help you identify and overcome whatever forces separate business, data science, and IT.