We’re excited today to announce the launch of an updated experience for the Forrester Wave™. We’ve made some thoughtful, client-focused upgrades that will allow Forrester Decisions and Forrester Market Insights clients to easily customize and compare vendors included in Forrester Wave evaluations and create shortlists based on their specific needs. In a nutshell, the key updates that clients will see include:

  1. A new interactive digital experience (DX) to customize the Wave results.
  2. A streamlined Wave graphic to show Forrester’s bold calls more clearly.
  3. Updates to the Wave evaluation to underscore the value of the new DX and graphic.

Additionally, notable vendors from Landscape reports are included in our new digital experience. This creates a streamlined experience for an expanded group of vendors.

As many of you know, Forrester Wave evaluations follow a transparent methodology and make the call on how top providers in a market compare to one another. Clients can see the evaluation criteria, scale explanations, and scores clearly for each Wave. Clients can also further customize Wave findings based on their own individual priorities with a downloadable tool accompanying the report (and don’t worry, the downloadable tool isn’t going away).

Create Your Shortlists Faster With Our New Digital Experience, Starting Today

We’ve launched our new interactive digital experience today. Forrester clients can access the new DX in two places. Within a Wave evaluation, you can click on the yellow “Compare Vendors” button at the top of the page, or in the Tech Landscapes And Waves section of our website, you’ll see a sorted list of the 254 technology and services markets we cover and you can click on the tech or service you’re interested in. Then:

  • Use the “Help me find a vendor” wizard to indicate what capabilities and strategic criteria are most important to you.
  • See a list of vendors that match that set of criteria and a score showing the ones that best match your needs.
  • Add up to four offerings to compare side by side.
  • Review an individual vendor’s detailed scorecard for our detailed analysis on that offering.

Enhancements To The Forrester Wave Graphic And Report, Coming In Q4 2024

We’re giving our iconic Forrester Wave graphic an update to better showcase customer feedback, among other enhancements. And we’ll feature a new report format where you can more easily see our bold calls in the tech and services markets we cover. Stay tuned for these enhancements in Q4.

All of these updates were made based on client feedback and input, with the goal of making this information more useful and more accessible to clients. The interactive digital experience is live today, so if you’re a Forrester Decisions or Forrester Market Insights client, give it a spin. If you’re not a Forrester client, learn how to become a client here.