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Vietnam: Navigating Business And Technology Priorities For 2024

Frederic Giron 3 days ago
Vietnam’s economic prospects are bright for 2024 and beyond. Get insights into Vietnam's business and technology investment priorities in this preview of a new report.

Key Takeaways From SAP Sapphire Orlando 2024

Akshara Naik Lopez 4 days ago
From generative AI to cloud to pricing announcements, the recent SAP Sapphire in Orlando was a busy event. Read this blog to get our key takeaways and perspectives on the big announcements from SAP.

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The ERP World Is Busy With Acquisitions

Akshara Naik Lopez 4 days ago
SAP and IFS announce key acquisitions, furthering the breadth and depth of their software capabilities and adding customer value.

Make People The Key To Your Success In An AI World

James L. McQuivey, PhD 6 days ago
Success with AI will depend on how effectively you lead your people who leverage powerful AI tools. Learn how to effectively find and train talent for AI in this preview of our upcoming Technology & Innovation Summits.

Apple’s New Intelligence Is Here

Dipanjan Chatterjee 6 days ago
Apple, famously reticent about AI, broke its silence at its 2024 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and Forrester was there. Learn more about Apple Intelligence and find out what we gathered from the grand reveal.

TIER: Tech Leaders Must Adapt To The Evolving US Developer Labor Market

Christopher Gilchrist 6 days ago
Despite the uncertain economic climate and continued layoffs, competition for skilled software developers will remain high. Get three key insights from our latest TIER report to help attract the best developers.

Unleash The Power Of Tech: Technology & Innovation Summit North America

Matthew Guarini June 6, 2024
Technology and data leaders are at a pivotal moment, being pressed to chart a path that capitalizes on new and emerging technology to drive meaningful business results. Learn how Forrester’s annual Technology & Innovation Summit North America can help you get there.

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We’re accepting nominations for our global 2024 Technology Strategy Impact and Enterprise Architecture Awards. Deadlines are approaching. Check out our award requirements and submit your nomination today.


The Future Of AI PCs: Roadmap To Enterprise Adoption

What It Means June 6, 2024
With AI PCs finding their way into the consumer market this year, the big question is: When will they hit the enterprise market? In this episode, Principal Analyst Andrew Hewitt discusses the current state and future potential of AI PCs.

VivaTech & The New French Tech Next40/120: When AI Meets Green Tech

Thomas Husson May 22, 2024
Paris will be the center of innovation and technology this week. Get a unique preview of the 2024 edition of the VivaTech conference in Paris.

With Selipsky Out, What’s Next For AWS?

Lee Sustar May 15, 2024
AWS announced this week that Adam Selipsky will depart as CEO and Matt Garman, AWS senior VP of sales and marketing, would replace him in June. Find out what the implications of this move could be at a critical time for AWS and the broader cloud market overall.

Boomi Dismembers The TIBCO Frankenstein

David Mooter May 8, 2024
Boomi recently announced two acquisitions: federated API management startup APIIDA and TIBCO’s Mashery API management. Get a quick take on the impact of these deals in this post.

Is Your VMware Knowledge Stuck In 2010? Let’s Catch You Up!

Naveen Chhabra May 7, 2024
Broadcom has implemented unexpected changes in the wake of the VMWare deal that are disrupting and alienating technology leaders. Get up to speed on the latest changes and some recommended next steps in this post.

Will Your Emerging Tech Strategy Put You In Debt?

Learn how to deploy new tech without accruing technical debt by leveraging the models included in our technical debt toolkit.


Anaplan Buys Fluence To Round Out Enterprise Performance Management Suite

Liz Herbert May 2, 2024
Anaplan announced plans to buy Fluence Technologies, a provider of financial close, consolidation, and reporting software. Get a brief analysis of how this deal could impact the broader market.

Global IT Services Spend Will Reach $2 Trillion By 2028

Michael O'Grady May 1, 2024
The IT services industry is often overlooked, even though it captures more than a third of annual global tech spend — some four times the annual spend on computer equipment. Forrester forecasts that by 2028, annual spend on IT services will reach $2 trillion.

Knowing When To Migrate To An Industry CRM

Kate Leggett April 26, 2024
Industry CRMs are highly verticalized solutions. Despite their value, companies are slow to adopt them. Learn why you should consider them.

Introducing The Forrester Wave™: Workday Services, Q2 2024

Akshara Naik Lopez April 17, 2024
In our 25-criterion evaluation of Workday services providers, we identified the most significant ones and researched, analyzed, and scored them. This blog introduces you to the report on how each provider measures up and helps enterprise technology leaders select the right one for their needs.

Intel Bets On AI Everywhere And Demand For Smaller, Targeted LLMs

Alvin Nguyen April 11, 2024
Tech leaders are rethinking their strategic partnerships, because silicon matters again. That's why so much attention was paid to this year's Intel Vision conference. Get our key takeaways from the event including three intriguing Intel product announcements.

Avoid Zombie AI Projects With Our Best Practices

Download our AI myths and best practices guide. Learn how to avoid missteps, prioritize value, and move AI projects out of limbo with quick wins.


Microsoft Unbundling Teams From Microsoft 365 Is Just A Sneaky Price Hike

Leslie Joseph April 8, 2024
Microsoft announced recently that it was unbundling Teams from its various Microsoft 365 plans worldwide. Find out what is actually changing and what it means for customers, regulators, and Microsoft.

Google Chrome Settlement Shows The Power Of Privacy-Minded Consumers

Stephanie Liu April 4, 2024
The details of Google’s settlement in a multiyear lawsuit over Incognito mode became public this week. Find out what changes Google will make as a result of the settlement and what it means for marketers everywhere.

The Justice Department Accuses Apple Of Smartphone Monopoly

Dipanjan Chatterjee March 21, 2024
Apple is being accused of smartphone monopoly but its "walled garden" principles have helped build brand devotion and customer loyalty. Learn more about this complex situation in this blog.
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