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Indian CIOs Should Start With Tech Stack And Services Optimization To Become Future Fit

Biswajeet Mahapatra December 19, 2022
Only 7% of Indian firms qualify as future fit. Learn five critical aspects Indian CIOs should review to ensure a successful digital transformation.

Is The Sales Tech Party Over?

Anthony McPartlin June 20, 2022
As the pandemic ramped up demand for tech to support new modes of interaction, billions of dollars of investment poured into sales tech startups. Now, a combination of macroeconomic and political factors is having a cooling effect.

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Industry CRM: A Cocreation Opportunity For Vendors And Their Partners

Kate Leggett May 17, 2022
More and more enterprises are opting for industry CRM solutions over its horizontal counterpart. These new solutions offer a vehicle for closer, more intentional relationships with the vendor's partners. This blog explores the top four benefits, as heard from the CRM vendors we spoke with.

Microsoft Launches MDR And Hops On The Everything-As-A-Service Bandwagon

Jeff Pollard May 10, 2022
Everything-eventually-becomes-a-service which Microsoft demonstrates by launching its own version of managed detection & response. We discuss what CISOs need to know, how it will impact the market, and what to look for next.

Using Our Tools Against Us: Adversaries Continue To Abuse Trust In The Supply Chain

Steve Turner July 13, 2021
Attackers continue to abuse trust in unique and creative ways. Have you talked with your partners about security yet? Get three tips on how to do that effectively.

Future Fit Companies Build Success Through Partner Ecosystems

Ted Schadler June 10, 2021
Struggling to achieve breakthrough levels of innovation? VP, Principal Analyst Ted Schadler explains how to maximize creativity through co-innovation with partners.

APEX Overcasts Dell Technologies World 2021

Naveen Chhabra May 11, 2021
Since its inception, Dell Technologies has had many achievements, of which it should be proud. Dell revolutionized the PC market, made its way into the enterprise data center business, and created the largest tech company of its time. However, the shifting technology industry is forcing Dell to adapt faster than ever, more than ever, and […]

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AI-Powered Supplier Value Management (SVM) Software Will Liberate And Empower Procurement Professionals

Duncan Jones April 22, 2021
Today, Forrester published a report on how “Modern Smart Applications Are Transforming Supplier Value Management” (available to Forrester clients). It explains why AI was relatively slow to reach the procurement function and also what changed to belatedly power a wave of innovation. I cite several examples, both from large SVM software suite vendors and from […]

Future Fit Tech Leaders Must Make Sustainability A Top Priority

Phil Brunkard April 22, 2021
Tech leaders must include sustainability within today’s strategies and key decisions to be truly future fit. They must think and plan beyond the obvious cloud benefits, make the future digital workplace a sustainable workplace and adapt intelligent automation to eliminate waste.

Dell Divests VMware: Investors Cheer While Customers Yawn

Glenn O'Donnell April 15, 2021
When Dell Technologies completed its acquisition of EMC in 2016, it gained a sweetheart of an asset: VMware. More precisely, it gained 80% of VMware, making the software dynamo a mostly autonomous company in the Dell Technologies family of companies. Dell Technologies just announced the expected spinoff of that 80% ownership, making VMware a fully […]

TIBCO’s Acquisition Of Information Builders Signals More BI Market Consolidation

Boris Evelson October 22, 2020
The business intelligence (BI) vendor consolidation trend that started earlier in 2019 continues. Today, TIBCO announced its intent to acquire Information Builders, Inc. (IBI) — one of the oldest players in the market. Want to get the real sense of how far back IBI goes? It was one of the first vendors to offer reporting and analytics on mainframes! It still does, and it’s quite a unique capability today, only […]

Explore Real-Time Interaction Management Solution Options With The Latest Forrester Wave™

Rusty Warner October 20, 2020
My colleague Joe Stanhope and I have previously written about “The Future Of Enterprise Marketing Technology” and how it hinges on marketing alignment with customer experience (CX) strategies. To be successful, marketers must orchestrate personalized experiences that deliver value in their customers’ moments of need. But brands must “Align Strategy And Technology To Deliver Next-Gen […]

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NVIDIA Arms Itself To Terminate Intel’s Processor Dominance

Glenn O'Donnell September 16, 2020
NVIDIA just announced that it plans to acquire Arm Limited from SoftBank for $40 billion. The combination aims to conquer the enormous compute market that has long been dominated by the x86 architecture (and, thus, Intel and AMD). The x86 platform remains the leader in PCs and data centers, but the future growth prospects lie […]

The SEO Platform Landscape Is A Cheese Board Of Point Solutions

Collin Colburn September 9, 2020
With advertising budgets cut, SEO strategy is more important now than ever before. Learn three key takeaways from the new Forrester Wave report on SEO platforms.

Why Choosing a Localization Vendor Is Like Dating

Kathleen Pierce September 3, 2020
For global companies, reputation in the regions requires a great localization vendor, but it can be hard to find the right match. Kathleen Pierce explains why past performance is no guarantee of future success, and how to identify the right partner for your needs.

Troubled Times Test Traditional Tech Titans

Glenn O'Donnell August 13, 2020
Spending on core infrastructure is dropping and the large technology firms will have to rise to the challenge. Find out how long the impact of the pandemic will be.

Forecasting In Uncertainty: Are Software Vendors Too Optimistic, Or Are We Too Pessimistic About The Software Market Outlook?

Andrew Bartels July 14, 2020
Vice President Andrew Bartels puts the latest Forrester tech market forecasts up against the largest software vendors' outlooks. Read the takeaways here.

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How To Adjust Your Tech Budget To Survive Or Thrive In The Pandemic Recession

Bobby Cameron May 19, 2020
As firms emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, they need to realign tech spending to match post-pandemic priorities. Here are some tools and insight that can help.

Introducing The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Human Capital Management Suites, Q2 2020

Mark Brandau May 19, 2020
Prior to the pandemic, the majority of global software decision makers were dissatisfied with their existing human capital management (HCM) products and were evaluating other products. With COVID-19, this dissatisfaction is now acute, and digital workforce transformation has accelerated. The right HCM technology to transform your organization’s people and workforce strategies is no longer nice […]

Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Negotiate Cost Reductions With Software Vendors

Mark Bartrick May 5, 2020
Worker layoffs and furloughs aren’t the only way to quickly reduce costs. Here’s how to start conversations with your vendors today.
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