As a tech exec, how have you effectively navigated the current 40-year-high growth in prices, the great resignation, and unstable supply chains? It takes nerves of steel to wade through the volatility of today’s markets. As technology continues to reduce industry, labor, and capital market barriers, it becomes vital to be increasingly adaptive as a decision-maker. This requires an ongoing balance of inside-out and outside-in assessments that comprehensively frame market risk and market opportunity to your advantage. Forrester’s tech insights and econometric research (TIER) has been specifically designed to support tech execs by correlating macro- and microeconomic scenarios to bring the most relevant economic data insights to the table and improve decision-making.


This figure shows how Forrester’s TIER provides all levels of insights, from macro-insights to micro-insights, including market developments, industry trends, geographical and market cap lenses, and market risks and opportunities.

Our research shows that advanced, insights-driven businesses are five times more likely to achieve 20% or more revenue growth, but few have reached this designation. TIER’s ever-evolving research portfolio will provide a deeper understanding into how tech labor, tech investments, tech budgets, and market productivity interrelate. Through a range of scenario-based recommendations, tech execs can utilize this research portfolio to constantly calibrate against changing conditions to find optimal paths forward. Tech execs can no longer manage market uncertainty to simply limit exposure; rather, they must embrace market uncertainty to find and exploit opportunity.


This figure shows the four major annual research streams of Forrester’’s TIER service — labor, investment, budgets, and productivity — as well as the general evolving research portfolio

TIER provides a range of scenarios and outcomes that can be the strategic sounding board for decision-makers as they find their optimal paths forward. Please look forward to TIER’s upcoming labor report, 2022 US Tech Labor Market, which will provide insights on trends in the US tech labor market, the tech skills in demand, and the implications on how organizations source, manage, and invest in talent.