The compliance pressure on privacy, risk, and security professionals is growing. New and evolving privacy regulations are emerging daily, and regulators’ abilities to levy hefty fines is expanding along with business stakeholders’ expectations that their business meets the rules. But compliance is only a part of the goals that privacy and data protection programs must deliver. From increasing business efficiency to supporting strategic business decisions and promoting customer and employee trust, privacy and data protection programs play a fundamental role in delivering trusted business. Risk and privacy professionals must develop a vision for their programs and can leverage our data, research, best practices, and more to design, execute, and optimize their strategies.

Forrester Research Doesn’t Just Tackle Compliance

According to UNCTAD, 137 out of 194 countries worldwide have some legislation in place to secure the protection of data and privacy. Most likely, your company must comply with one or multiple regulatory frameworks, no matter how local or small it is. Others are already shifting their strategy to sustained compliance to be ready to meet evolving requirements in a much more agile and effective way. No matter where your firm’s maturity level is (driving toward compliance, delivering operational efficiency beyond compliance, enabling the business, or increasing customer and employees trust), we have research specifically crafted to support you, such as:

New Research Covers Employee Privacy, Privacy-Preserving Technology, Privacy In Space, And More!

A brand-new Forrester global privacy survey shows us that increasing business efficiency and promoting customer trust in the brand are key strategic priorities for privacy decision-makers worldwide in 2022. Our upcoming research will help chief privacy officers (CPOs) and their teams succeed at these new priorities, as well as continuing to support them in their legacy work. The new research touches on critical topics, such as:

  • Employee privacy segmentation. This segmentation highlights employees’ privacy attitudes and expectations globally. The report also provides guidance to employers about how to best address the growing attention that both regulators and employees are paying to the handling of personal information in the workplace.
  • The state of privacy. For the first time, Forrester has developed a global survey dedicated to privacy. This report summarizes the main data findings of the privacy survey and provides a rich overview on the state of privacy, including roles, organizational models, priorities, and investments.
  • Data clean rooms. Focused on marketing use cases, this report helps define data clean rooms and guides CPOs and their marketing colleagues in choosing the right set of capabilities for their use cases.
  • Now Tech on privacy-preserving technologies. This is a landscape report of privacy-preserving technologies, the vendors, and the main capabilities offered by the solutions.
  • Guide to privacy policies. This report is a comparison of policies contained in main privacy regulations, standards, and frameworks, with the aim of helping customers identify overarching policies across assets.
  • Privacy in space. This is a vision report on how privacy management may change when an increasing amount of data will be processed/stored in space by satellite technology.

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