You know that people’s experiences with your company, your products, and your services make all the difference in whether they decide to stay with you or switch to a competitor. It’s why you strive to make those experiences seamless and immersive — but that’s a tall order, which is why we’re tackling the problem head on at our Customer Experience Forum in San Francisco this year.

Join hundreds of your CX peers at companies in your industry and others — there’s much to be learned by looking outside your sector — and hear from a great lineup of experts sharing their insights from the mainstage, including:

  • USAA Chief Design Officer Meriah Garrett
  • Google Senior Director Ben Galbraith
  • Schwab EVP and Chief Digital Officer Neesha Hathi
  • Technology evangelist Chris Messina — who invented the hashtag (yes, really)
  • Amazon Alexa Voice Service VP Pete Thompson
  • HelloFresh Senior Director of Retention and Personalization Sebastian Reichelt

We’ll also hear new insights from expert Forrester analysts speaking at CX SF 2018, including Jennifer Wise, Kelly Price, Samuel Stern, Andrew Hogan, and Renee Murphy. In addition to these mainstage presentations, the program will include many track sessions on seamless experiences and related challenges.

What counts as a seam exactly? Are seams sometimes good? How should you decide — and overcome the bad ones through better technology, organization, culture, and ways of thinking about the challenges?

These are the kinds of questions you’ll get to wrestle with and get solutions for so that you’ll be better able to lead your company toward designing and delivering great experiences for your customers.

You can sign up here to stay up to date about new speakers we add and other updates as we get closer to CX SF. I’ll be hosting the event and I look forward to seeing you there!