• B2B organizations commonly hire an agency for branding and rebranding projects
  • Finding the right agency is critical, given the cost and strategic nature of this work
  • This post provides a summary of six North America-based brand agencies

Are you trying to drive more meaning and value from your brand? Or are you looking for a fresh look and feel after an acquisition? If you are in either of these scenarios, chances are you will be working with an agency for on an upcoming project.

Looking Agency Branding ProjectWe are excited to unveil SiriusDecisions’ first SiriusView focused on brand agencies. The following excerpts examine when to consider each vendor covered in the report:

  • DeSantis Breindel. Companies considering a complete overhaul of their brand based on a strategic business issue (e.g. recent merger) should have DeSantis Breindel on their shortlist. However, the agency lacks experience in the manufacturing industry, so these organizations should seek brand agency partners with experience in their industry.
  • Grafik. For clients who want to take a digital first approach to brand, Grafik should be considered based on its emphasis on Web site design and demand creation capabilities. Teams already staffed with resources to drive digital experience based on brand standards may find better value in other partners.
  • Quarry. B2B organizations that are using a brand project as a way to reinvigorate marketing activities, and need a partner for ongoing execution of marketing tactics, should have Quarry on their shortlist. Companies under $250 million in annual revenue should evaluate other agencies instead.
  • Schermer. B2B organizations making brand investments at the corporate level – rather than at the business unit or product level – should have Schermer on their shortlist. Schermer’s client experience doesn’t include information technology companies, so organizations in that market should seek other partners.
  • Siegel Gale. Companies that are approaching a brand project with simplification of complex brand standards as a core component should consider Siegel Gale. However, Siegel Gale isn’t the right partner for a company looking for a minor brand refresh or only visual identity work.
  • Sullivan. Information technology and financial services companies should have Sullivan on their short lists for branding and rebranding projects. But companies over $1 billion in annual revenue that need a corporate brand project partner should seek other partners that have the requisite experience.