About Me

Even though I was born in a small town in the northern part of India, I have spent most of my life in the glorious city of Mumbai, where I earned my degree in mechanical engineering. Dancing on the high beats of Bollywood music rejuvenates me! I moved to the United States for graduate school and earned my master’s degree in industrial engineering from Arizona State University. Excited by data and analytics’ growing potential, I became a practitioner.

As a master data analyst, I worked with both business and IT leaders to ensure insights-ready enterprise data. I developed data management strategies, defined processes and procedures for data governance, led data enrichment programs, and enhanced data quality through audits and automated testing. The four values that will drive my research are:

  • Curiosity: asking questions and listening so I can bring Forrester’s clients best practices and cutting-edge learnings in data management, governance, and data quality.
  • Trust: bringing honesty, authenticity, and transparency to my relationships.
  • Excitement: I want to demonstrate the power and impact of data management and data governance for every organization.
  • Boldness: Clients look to Forrester to make the call. I see that as a responsibility for data nerds.

My Research Focus

I have spent more than five years dealing with raw data, more specifically adulterated master data. My research will focus on helping data leaders understand the importance of data quality and the critical role of data governance in insights-driven business. I am a champion of strong master data management and quality control and want to inspire every organization to make efficient DataOps an objective.

As master data analyst, I have confronted a variety of master data challenges and built governance programs from scratch. I will be utilizing all the knowledge gathered over the years to help our customers circumvent those challenges and be well equipped to deal with them. My research will cover:

  • Master data management: a comprehensive approach to manage internal data and create a golden record, creating an effective master data management platform and process, including security, quality, and governance.
  • Data governance: ensuring availability, integrity, and security of data throughout and setting up and scaling your data governance program with policies, processes, and accountability.
  • Data quality: ensuring accurate and complete data, explaining how data quality differs from data governance and why insights are impossible without quality data.
  • Data observability: nipping data issues in the bud by understanding how data observability complements data quality and helps avoid quality problems, reducing the frequency and impact of serious data issues.

How To Get In Touch

After spending years playing with data, I decided to be bold at work, and what better place to be bold than Forrester. I look forward to connecting with you around your data management, governance, and data quality questions. Schedule an inquiry, advisory, guidance session or a briefing with me. Browse my published research, tune in to the data conversation in my blog, and connect with me on LinkedIn.