• Modern B2B organizations must develop more than just one message or type of message
  • To be effective, each piece of messaging must be built with an audience in mind
  • Use the right messaging framework to develop messaging that resonates with intended audiences

If you’ve built a house or gone through a renovation before, you know the challenge of coordinating contractors to make sure that construction work is done on time and results in a sturdy, well-built home. If the plumbing isn’t done at the right time, or it overlaps with electrical work, then not only does the project stall — but the risk of disaster (e.g. if that electrical line touches water) increases.

Building a messaging house requires the same coordination of activities to make sure that each piece of messaging is built well and works with other messages. At SiriusDecisions, we’ve identified four types of messaging that need to be built and coordinated with each other for success:

Communications, portfolio marketing and customer engagement should work closely together to secure a strong link between all four types of messaging. The three teams must coordinate efforts to ensure that the messaging is consistent and reinforces what they hear as buyers and customers are engaged.

Portfolio marketing and sales enablement work closely together to establish sales messaging that not only is effective, but also receives a proper transferred to the sales team. Sales enablement programs that take advantage of the sales messaging developed can help ensure that the sales messaging has the impact demanded and resonates with buyers that receive other messages from the organization.

As buyers become customers that hopefully become buyers again, portfolio marketing and customer engagement must work in concert to build messaging that is consistent — and provide seamless transitions between the buyer’s journey and post-sale customer lifecycle. This consistency is of particular importance at the transition points — when a buyer makes the final selection and becomes a customer, and when a customer re-enters a buying process.

To create all of this messaging, leverage tools like the SiriusDecisions Messaging Nautilus®. The four iterations of the model Messaging Nautilus: Corporate Brand, Messaging Nautilus: Buyer’s Journey, Messaging Nautilus: Sales Process (client access only) and Messaging Nautilus: Customer Lifecycle (client access only) are designed to work with each other to build a solid and stable house to last for years to come.