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Disconnected Messaging Breeds Mistrust. How Can You Fix It?

Barry Vasudevan April 12, 2024
Disconnected messaging reflects a disconnected organization. Learn how bridging silos yields positive outcomes in this B2B Summit North America session overview.

Announcing Forrester’s B2B Program Of The Year Award Winners For North America

Cristina De Martini April 4, 2024
Get ready to be inspired by these best-practice program implementations across B2B marketing, sales, and product. We reveal which eight companies will be honored at B2B Summit North America in May.

Build Competitive Messaging With Your Buyers In Mind

Barry Vasudevan December 13, 2023
Buyers find competitive messaging to be an essential component of the information needed to complete a purchase. To build effective competitive messaging, organizations need a clear view of the differentiators agreed upon by marketing and sales.

Two Generative AI Experiments For Portfolio Marketers Building B2B Messaging

Barry Vasudevan July 17, 2023
Generative AI has the potential to impact B2B messaging for the better. It can help craft messages based on buyers’ needs, but this requires experimentation and iteration. This blog post highlights two areas where portfolio marketers should explore using generative AI in their messaging process.

Are We Ready To Activate Personas And Messaging With Artificial Intelligence?

Barry Vasudevan April 5, 2023
Artificial intelligence will change the way portfolio marketers approach personas, messaging, and buyer's journey maps. Here's how.

B2B Messaging Is Fractured, But It Doesn’t Have To Be

Ian Bruce April 5, 2023
B2B marketing teams create messaging for brand and product — often separately — that attempts to articulate differentiated value to buyers, customers, employees, and other stakeholders. What is abundantly clear from our research is that there is a significant challenge to ensure that all this messaging is connected and consistent. The Messaging Disconnect In Forrester’s […]

Optimizing Product Launches In Regions: Four Steps

Mavis Liew February 24, 2023
Launching multiple products in a region can be complex due to variations in language, culture, maturity, and buyer needs across countries. On top of this, tailoring the launch to each market increases the complexity and need for resources. In addition, regional marketers are often faced with three critical challenges: lack of visibility and information about […]

Three Competitive-Strategy Actions For B2B Marketers To Take In 2023

Barry Vasudevan December 5, 2022
As the holiday season approaches, my thoughts often turn to friends, family, food, and … presents! And buying those presents often brings me to thoughts of COMPETITION. Should I buy the latest and greatest gadget, or should I get the one that can be returned when I make the wrong choice? Yes, every company out […]

Three Ideas To Make Your Messaging A Hit With Buyers

Barry Vasudevan June 24, 2022
Enticing plot, captivating characters, and spellbinding world-building all come to mind when we think about great TV shows. B2B marketers should take lessons from this when it comes to building and enabling effective messaging.

The Three Reasons Portfolio Marketers Must Enable All Buyer- And Customer-Facing Roles

Barry Vasudevan April 19, 2021
When considering portfolio marketing’s role in enablement, take a revenue enablement approach to ensure that knowledge is delivered to the various teams that require it in the way they want to receive it, and delivered when they need it.

The Show Must Go On For Portfolio Marketers In 2021

Barry Vasudevan September 24, 2020
Portfolio marketers today are being asked to lead. They must help their organizations find the new opportunities, identify the trends that can give their organizations lasting success, and ensure that buyers are kept top of mind.

Too. Many. Messages! How to Use a Messaging Hierarchy to Assemble Buyer Messaging

Barry Vasudevan August 20, 2020
  • Buyers have a lot of needs that messaging may need to address
  • Compiling a unique messaging set for each buyer can be overwhelming and time-consuming
  • Build messages at different levels to give your organization a matrix to choose from for each buyer

Three Ways Buyer Insights Illuminate the Road Ahead for Product Management Leaders

Barry Vasudevan October 15, 2019
  • Product managers and functional leaders need knowledge about what drives buying decisions and how buyers want to interact
  • Organizations often struggle with developing the necessary insight that goes beyond high-level buyer needs
  • SiriusDecisions Buyer Insights Reports deliver insight about buyer behavior that product leaders can use when driving innovation

The Four Types of Messaging Your Audiences Need

Barry Vasudevan October 1, 2019
  • Modern B2B organizations must develop more than just one message or type of message
  • To be effective, each piece of messaging must be built with an audience in mind
  • Use the right messaging framework to develop messaging that resonates with intended audiences

Three Tips for Getting Your Thought Leadership Back Into The Majors

Barry Vasudevan March 15, 2019
  • Knowing what your organization wants to achieve is paramount for good thought leadership
  • Organizations often must consider multiple audiences when building thought leadership
  • Measuring what works and what doesn’t lets teams refine their thought leadership efforts over time

Yes, Your Buyers Really Do Want to Talk to You!

Barry Vasudevan November 26, 2018
  • Myth: Many buyers prefer their early interactions to only be non-human
  • The data shows that buyers want a variety of interactions
  • A buyer’s journey map must capture and reflect this variety to effectively engage buyers

Three Steps Advanced Manufacturers Should Take to Become Audience-Centric

Barry Vasudevan September 13, 2017
  • Advanced manufacturers know their products, but they don’t always know their buyers
  • Becoming more audience-centric can help manufacturers improve the effectiveness of marketing and sales programs
  • The transition to audience-centricity can be broken down into three manageable activities

Leveraging a Marketecture Solution When One Product Isn’t Enough

Barry Vasudevan May 25, 2017
  • Going audience-centric often requires solutions in place of individual products and services
  • A marketecture solution can provide an easier path to this goal
  • Understanding the challenges and risks ahead of time can help you avoid common pitfalls