• Many B2B marketers want to improve the speed of execution in their organizations and believe adopting an agile approach is the key to success
  • There is considerable mystery surrounding what it means to be agile and how to leverage agile outside of product development
  • Agile offers significant benefits to organizations, and SiriusDecisions can help unlock the mysteries to successfully implementing the agile methodology

My mom and I recently took a trip to England and couldn’t resist checking out Stonehenge, the prehistoric stone monument located, surprisingly, right on the side of a road on Salisbury Plain. Stonehenge has long been surrounded by speculation as it is unknown how or why people moved the massive stones into a circular pattern. My mom and I were curious about it ourselves and wanted to see if we could help unlock the great mystery. 

Participating in the unknown can be fun, and it’s very rewarding to put clues together to solve the mystery. Although my mom and I have great travel memories to last a lifetime, we were not successful in fully unraveling the how or why of the Stonehenge riddle. However, not all mysteries have to be that hard to solve.

Most organizations have a need and desire to execute more quickly, improve productivity and become more adaptable to change. For years, product teams have used agile approaches to meet these goals for product development. Many B2B organizations are now looking to expand the benefits of agile across the enterprise’s revenue engine to also include marketing and sales. Doing so often feels like the jumping off into the great unknown: What does agile mean? How do I align agile among product, marketing and sales teams? Where do I even begin to undertake this? What are the steps? Unfortunately, due to their misapplication of agile methods, many teams that have started down the agile path and were hoping to capitalize on the productivity and flexibility benefits have experienced some challenges.

At this year’s SiriusDecisions Summit in Austin, Jeff Lash and I will help solve the mysteries behind applying the agile methodology across your enterprise and preventing problems. We’ll address important questions such as:

  • How do you define what agile is and how it can be applied?
  • Where can agile be best applied within the organization?
  • Does agile really mean that we don’t have to plan?
  • How can agile be leveraged to enhance existing processes?
  • What does an agile approach look like on a day-to-day basis outside of product development?

Jeff and I will also be sharing models and tips for leveraging agile to improve results and recommendations for deploying agile to drive benefits and reduce challenges. After attending this keynote session, you won’t have to wonder why or how to put an enterprise-aligned agile approach in place within your organization.