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Announcing Forrester’s B2B Program Of The Year Award Winners For North America

Cristina De Martini April 4, 2024
Get ready to be inspired by these best-practice program implementations across B2B marketing, sales, and product. We reveal which eight companies will be honored at B2B Summit North America in May.

Announcing The Winners Of Forrester’s Coveted B2B Return On Integration Honors For North America

Cristina De Martini April 4, 2024
These three companies have transformed their businesses to maximize customer value and relentlessly drive internal alignment. Get a preview of the success stories they will share at B2B Summit North America in May.

Call For Entries: Forrester B2B Summit North America Awards

Cristina De Martini January 9, 2024
Have a great B2B success story to share? Nominate it for a B2B Return On Integration Honor or Program Of The Year Award! Winners will take the stage at Forrester’s B2B Summit North America.

Revenue Operations: Driving Better Customer Experiences And Growth

Cristina De Martini June 4, 2023
In constantly changing and highly complex B2B markets, organizational growth hinges on the ability to uncover value for customers. Forrester Decisions for Revenue Operations is designed to help organizations strengthen alignment across the revenue ecosystem to maximize customer value and company performance.

Announcing Our Return On Integration Honorees For This Year’s B2B Summit North America

Cristina De Martini April 18, 2023
Meaningful cross-functional alignment fuels B2B growth and success. At this year’s B2B Summit North America, our three B2B Return On Integration Honors recipients will share their stories and offer firsthand insights to achieving alignment.

Exemplifying B2B Excellence: Forrester’s 2023 Programs Of The Year Award Winners

Cristina De Martini April 18, 2023
Our annual POY awards, given at B2B Summit, celebrate companies that have achieved exemplary results in marketing, sales, or product management. Learn the seven companies that will be in the spotlight this year.

Call For Entries: Forrester B2B Summit North America Awards

Cristina De Martini February 14, 2023
Nominations are now open for Forrester’s B2B North America Return On Integration Honors and Program Of The Year Awards. If you have a great revenue engine alignment story, now is your time to shine.

The B2B CMO And Marketing Operations: A Symbiotic Relationship

Cristina De Martini October 13, 2022
CMOs and marketing operations teams benefit greatly by partnering and working together.

Marketers: Technology May Make Your Job Obsolete; Now Here’s The Good News

Cristina De Martini April 22, 2022
Automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and analytics are eating into marketers' roles. But with that change comes opportunity.

Marketing Operations Wears Many Hats: Find The Best Fit For 2022

Cristina De Martini September 30, 2021
Where should you focus your efforts in 2022 to deliver the best possible customer experience and better organizational performance? Start with these five areas.

Navigating A New Wilderness: Five Steps Marketing Operations Must Take To Provide Leadership

Cristina De Martini September 21, 2020
B2B organizations are depending on marketing operations to lead them out of the crises of 2020. Here are five steps marketing operations leaders must take in 2021 to drive their organization’s success.

Five Ways Marketing Operations Drives a Triumphant Organization During a Pandemic

Cristina De Martini May 14, 2020
  • Companies are having to make quick shifts in programs, processes, and systems due to the pandemic
  • Marketing operations professionals have a unique skill set to streamline processes, enable agility, and mine insightful data that are critical to making fast decisions
  • This pandemic is forcing a digital transformation that marketing operations is equipped to direct

Up, Up, and Away to More Meaningful Results: The Benefits of Using Agile

Cristina De Martini July 29, 2019
  • Organizations are expanding the use of agile into new areas of the business, including marketing and sales
  • In addition to faster time to market and more flexibility to change, agile also drives benefits such as improved innovation, quality, and team alignment and prioritization
  • Organizations see agile as a top initiative; they support it by investing in training and upskilling those working on agile projects

Applying Agile: Unlocking the Mysteries of an Enterprise-Aligned Agile Approach

Cristina De Martini March 27, 2019
  • Many B2B marketers want to improve the speed of execution in their organizations and believe adopting an agile approach is the key to success
  • There is considerable mystery surrounding what it means to be agile and how to leverage agile outside of product development
  • Agile offers significant benefits to organizations, and SiriusDecisions can help unlock the mysteries to successfully implementing the agile methodology

Three Contributions Marketing Makes to SFA Success

Cristina De Martini September 29, 2017
  • Marketing plays a critical role in the launch and management of a sales force automation (SFA) system
  • Marketing is responsible for managing several features in the SFA and providing input on data and measurement strategies
  • Marketing must stay closely aligned with sales operations and IT for the organization’s SFA deployment to be successful

Three Advantages of Prioritizing Planning Efforts

Cristina De Martini August 1, 2017
  • It is beneficial to marketing operations functions to emphasize planning activities before marketing-related processes are executed
  • Marketing operations functions that forgo planning face greater challenges with budget, buy-in and alignment
  • Focusing on planning efforts helps drive alignment and adoption and improves budget allocation to marketing operations functions

Who Manages Martech – IT or Marketing?

Cristina De Martini July 6, 2017
  • Marketing and IT must share the responsibility of managing martech to achieve the full benefit of technology alignment
  • IT uses technology to execute strategy and has valuable experience in large-scale implementations, vendor relationships and change management
  • Marketing operations aligns marketing tech with the marketing strategy and ensures synchronization with corporate initiatives

Three Ways Marketing Operations Impacts Revenue

Cristina De Martini May 12, 2017
  • CMOs are turning to the marketing operations function to enable the success of the marketing strategy
  • Through the implementation of best practices, marketing operations can positively impact the organization’s performance
  • Marketing operations’ charter, which includes planning, measurement and data management, can increase an organization’s revenue