I have spent the better part of the last decade helping enterprises with their digital channel strategies. Omnichannel transformation is still a phrase on many enterprises’ lips, with companies across industries looking to launch (or, in some cases, relaunch) digital channels to support their customers.

Lots of things have changed since the early days of webchat, but not everything:

  • Chatbots (still) can’t do it all.
  • Delivering a high-quality chat experience is kinda hard.

It’s deceptively hard, really. Chat is fairly easy to actually deploy, but getting the widget on your website or app is only one (pretty small) part of the puzzle. The recipe for success is all in the how.

If you are someone who is either (1) looking to deploy chat for the very first time or (2) struggling to optimize an existing program, I’ve got you:

  1. Use These Three Principles To Drive A Successful Chat Program. You should treat this report as “Chat 101.” You’ll find guidance on how to choose a chat platform, hire agents for digital channels, and build a solid launch strategy.
  2. How To Diagnose Channel Performance Issues In Chat. This is just what it says on the tin: This report covers the trickier stuff — what to do when your chat program isn’t performing as expected. You’ll learn how to solve for high chat abandonment, poor resolution, low channel or agent efficiency, and poor customer adoption.

If you’re a Forrester client and you want to chat about chat, feel free to schedule some time with me here. And if you’re already nailing it and are open to telling me all about it, find me here — I would love to hear from you!