It’s a new year, but leaders remain challenged by the still-new world of anywhere-work. Anywhere-work strategies — from hybrid to anywhere-first to fully remote — have become commonplace in the wake of the pandemic. But entering into 2023, debates about the appropriate role of the physical office and how much time employees spend there continue. Employees have deeply embraced the flexibility and autonomy that comes with anywhere-work. Yet leaders are bringing reasonable questions to the table about the impact that anywhere-work has on organizational and individual performance. For example, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff recently asserted that newer Salesforce employees weren’t as productive as established ones, asking, “Are we not building tribal knowledge with new employees without an office culture?”

To help guide leaders navigating the promise and perils of anywhere-work, we’ve developed a large portfolio of research. Our latest report, Don’t Let These Three Anywhere-Work Preconceptions Hold You Back — highlighted in the video above — analyzes new Forrester data showing that anywhere-work’s impact on productivity, burnout, and trust is neutral to positive, with employees working under hybrid-work policies performing best on most measures.

We invite you to watch the video above (3 minutes, 30 seconds) to receive a quick overview and to read our full report. As always, I’m available for guidance sessions and inquiries to go deeper with clients!

Other Key Research To Guide Your Decisions

The Future Of The Office report contends that the office is no longer a place; it’s a network of locations, practices, and technologies that empowers employees to be successful and productive while honoring their individual needs at any given moment.

Master The Messy Middle Of Hybrid helps you improve your organization’s anywhere-work strategy by diagnosing key challenges, offering proven solutions, and giving you tangible tactics to implement.