Salesforce customers constantly ask us about how to optimize their deal to ensure best value for the (increasingly large) spend. While most of our clients still perceive differentiated value in using Salesforce, they also want to make sure that they’re optimizing their multimillion-dollar deals — due to the high spend and high impact on their businesses. As of this week, they have a new set of product choices to grapple with as they strategize their Salesforce deals.

For a long time now, Salesforce Unlimited Edition (UE) has been the highest-end edition for its flagship products such as Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. These editions come with a wide berth of functionality and substantial platform capabilities in terms of areas like sandboxes, storage, custom objects, and API calls. Pricing has historically been at $300 per user per month (list price) and recently increased to $330 per user per month. Earlier this week, Salesforce quietly debuted a new tier — UE+. This lists at $500 per user per month and is available for both Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. This bundles many more capabilities, including — unsurprisingly — much more AI and generative AI. The new bundles also include Slack.

Example for Service Cloud:


For Salesforce customers, our key advice is look — but don’t overbuy. Many customers have gotten swayed by big discounts and simplified packaging but regretted it later on. Do the math. While it’s normal and natural to buy somewhat ahead of what you plan to use, be careful about ending up with a massive amount of shelfware. For example, are you really ready for generative AI to a big degree? Will you really use Slack enough? You can still buy things a la carte — and probably should if there is a lot of uncertainty.

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