Our society is coping with unprecedented challenges. Your customers, employees, and partners are all facing growing uncertainties and concerns. Geopolitical tension, income inequality and job insecurity, social unrest, and misinformation and disinformation, you name it!

In these challenging times, established societal institutions have often failed to unify and guide their communities. Trust has become more fragile than ever, but it is still alive! Human beings are hardwired to trust. As humans, we must enter into relationships with one another to live life, and we are continuously looking for new, safer trust harbors. Brands, like yours, are competing for customers, employees, and partners’ trust.

But How Do You Influence How People Trust Your Brand?

Brands recognise now more than ever that trust is a critical value, one that enables organisations to build enduring bonds with customers, attract the best, most dedicated talent, and create unique experiences. But brands treat trust as an abstract concept without specific strategies or plans to really influence how customers and employees trust them. This must change.

My session at CX EMEA 2022 will explore Forrester’s trust imperative research and showcase Forrester’s trust model and the seven levers of trust. Leveraging our qualitative and quantitative research, we will discuss how the impact of each lever on trust changes in relation to business types and geographies. Did you know that — no matter the country — empathy is mostly important in shaping how employees trust their employer and that transparency plays a very critical but complex role in shaping how consumers trust a brand?

The research I will present during the session goes beyond the surface when exploring the relation between transparency and trust. If intuitively one assumes that more transparency always encourages more trust, the research shows that brands must be careful! In fact, transparency comes with a range of pitfalls that can destroy trust. We have created a framework that helps executives at companies think about and manage transparency in a new, more effective way. I will be previewing the framework at the event.

Join this session to:

  • Learn more about the seven levers of trust and how they work for customers and employees.
  • Identify trust drivers that are most important in influencing how customers trust a brand like yours.
  • Preview a new framework to guide your brand in embracing transparency while avoiding its pitfalls.

If you want to learn more about this topic, join me and my colleagues at CX EMEA 2022 from June 22–23, or contact us.