(coauthored with Research Associate Fayzan Sabri)

The end of summer and beginning of fall is an exciting, yet tumultuous time for both parents and kids alike. Summer camps have ended, vacation time is over, and children have returned to school. Employees and firms heave a heavy sigh to acclimatize to an evolving hybrid work life.

As businesses around the world continue to power through the vagaries of this new working model, they simultaneously have to keep up with the continuous changes in customer behavior. They need to leverage analytics and data more than ever to spot key insights in customer churn, attrition, and workforce planning. This edition of Insights Beat aims to help businesses get on the right footing to reformulate their approach to data and analytics.

Don’t Keep Your Data In Lockers

No student likes going back and forth to their locker on the edge of campus to gather books before lumbering back to their classrooms for lessons. The same goes for retrieving the right data at the right time. Speed and connectivity is necessary in today’s world, and streaming data platforms help you create a faster digital data enterprise. Typical enterprises have dozens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of applications that originate data. Data meshes further make connected intelligence a reality.

Hit The Books To Boost Your Knowledge

Finding a good read in your neighborhood or school library can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. If you have access to state-of-the-art, refined search and catalog platforms, you have entered academia heaven. Businesses can also reach this level of nirvana without having to deal with information overload by their corpora of data. Boost your enterprise’s aptitude with the right information and workers with the right cognitive search platform.

Adopt An Interdisciplinary Approach

Students, educators, and lawmakers all must work together to build rich educational experiences and outcomes for future generations. Similarly, this also applies to a data analytics department in an enterprise to drive customer experience (CX) insights. Data scientists and design researchers in most enterprises work independently, which leads to a deficient approach to insights. A siloed approach only increases the insight-to-action gap. In the same manner, many times an enterprise’s CX business use case is lacking a cross-collaboration of insights-driven CX and customer insights (CI) leaders. Knowing the “if” and “how” to inculcate a strong, insights-driven CX leader is only the first step to building a strong framework of alliance between CX and CI leaders to derive increased revenue, decrease cost, and contain risk.

Make Progress Toward Graduation

It’s every student’s dream to wear the cap and gown and receive their diploma to reap the benefits of their education. Similarly, if an enterprise wants to reach its goals from the data it mines, it needs a certain level of insights-driven business maturity. Take a breath — it’s a long journey — but we’re here to help you get there!

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