Decentralized digital identities (DDID, also known as self-sovereign identities) represent the next major paradigm shift in identity and access management (IAM). DDID infrastructures are set to permanently change the IAM landscape because they are privacy-conscious, end-user-centric, and extend well beyond just registration and authentication use cases to credentials, authorizations, and proofs.

I’ll be discussing this topic in depth at Forrester’s upcoming Security & Risk event in Washington, D.C., November 8–9. To help understand the value of DDID, I like to use real-world scenarios that most people can relate to. Have you been frustrated to find out that you must present your driver’s license and disclose your name, date of birth, address, and even your driving restrictions at a liquor store just to prove you can buy alcohol? Have you wondered if there is a better way? Well, decentralized digital identities promise just that.

In my session at the event, I will dive into why DDID matters in the quest for digital trust, an ever-increasing priority for organizations. Through relatable examples, I will:

  • Show relevant use cases of decentralized digital identity, including issuing and verifying identity claims (digital driver’s license, national ID card, passport, etc.).
  • Present a SWOT analysis related to DDID.
  • Provide usable and concrete best practices for practitioners in this area.

To learn more about this session and the two-day event overall, check out the agenda and registration details here.