Your organization CANNOT “deliver” value to customers. No one can … as I shared in my blog, Three Truths About Value For Customers.

What CAN you do? Help your customers realize value — which, in turn, earns you a place in customers’ lives.

Understand The Drivers Of Value For Customers

Customers’ perceptions form across four dimensions of value: economic, functional, experiential, and symbolic.

To help you understand what these dimensions mean to your customers, we conducted qualitative research, using Forrester’s online research community ConsumerVoices. We chose a research approach that would identify the most important value drivers. The final list includes 40 value drivers in 11 value driver categories across the four dimensions.

Check out the below 60-second video (no audio) for more details on the 11 driver categories. Check the report for all 40 value drivers.

If you have access to Forrester’s research, you can: