Like most people, I consider November a good time to start thinking about the clean slate that a new year brings. There is lots of room to reflect on one year and get ready for the next one with a bit more, well, “resolve,” so to speak.

I’ll be an all-around better person, for sure — a more responsible decision maker when it comes to diet and exercise, no question. I’ll see my friends more often and make more time for family, guaranteed. (We’ll see about all that.)

Here in my professional life, it’s also a time for reflection. Some of you may know that I spent two great years serving B2B marketers and that since February of this year I’ve been serving B2B insights pros. The movement allowed me to remain focused on the analytics and insights work that intrigues me so much and to gain a few focus areas, as well. I resolve to continue focusing on helping clients use insights for competitive advantage.

Here’s one thing I’d change: Throughout my time here at Forrester, I’ve interacted with dozens of clients, at events and other formats, who tell me that they don’t interact with me more — via briefings, inquiry, or advisory — because they don’t know where to start.

So, in that spirit, here’s a resolution I’d like you to make: Let us help you figure that out. I believe I speak for every Forrester analyst when I tell you: You don’t need a master plan to engage us; you need to engage us for a master plan.

Check out this video for some ways that I can potentially help you and your organization.