For retailers and brands, website localization is key to your success in global markets. It is difficult (and unrealistic) to localize 100% of your content in every market, but our research reveals several crucial features to tailor your offering and message.

My latest research, “Seven Must-Haves For Successful Website Localization,” highlights the must-have features and identifies best practices around each:

  1. Consistent domain structures
  2. Navigation through a clear global gateway
  3. A globally recognizable and scalable user interface
  4. Translated language core to the customer’s journey
  5. SEO-optimized site content
  6. Market-specific customer care
  7. Localized currencies and payment options

Check out the full report to learn more. And if you haven’t already, make sure to read my earlier report (here’s the blog post, as well) on jump-starting your eCommerce expansion by building your global eCommerce road map.