In today’s increasingly competitive retail market, every technology initiative is pitched as do-or-die. So how do you make smart decisions about which technologies to invest in, to start testing, or to forgo? For our annual The Top Retail Commerce Initiatives For 2024 research, we interviewed 95 retail industry professionals from across the globe to gather their insights on the 30 retail commerce initiatives that they believe will be “hot,” “on the radar,” and “hype” for the coming year. Read on for a quick look at some of the results.

Hot (top investment priorities for 2024)

  • Omnichannel fulfillment
  • Personalization capabilities
  • Advanced business/customer analytics
  • Omnichannel pricing and promotions
  • Drop-ship programs

On The Radar (some investments)

  • Experiential retail
  • Shoppable video
  • Automated checkout
  • Embedded retail
  • Marketplaces (retailers starting their own)

Hype (lowest investment priority)

  • Smart device commerce
  • Social media chatbots
  • Livestreaming commerce
  • Associate appointment solutions
  • Pickup/return lockers

Of course, this is just a peek into what we discovered. For the full list and more information on why specific initiatives sit at the top, the use cases for each, and your next steps, see the full report and listen to our upcoming webinar (which will first broadcast on Monday, March 11, from 11 a.m.–12 p.m. EST and will subsequently be available as a playback).