B2C marketers’ most pressing top-of-mind issue is how data deprecation will impact targeting, measurement, personalization, and digital media buying. Data deprecation restricts tracking and access to consumer data due to regulatory, browser, walled-garden, or consumer actions. Here is the cold, hard truth: Google’s intention to deprecate the third-party cookie will drastically impact modern marketing. And data management platform (DMP) core capabilities of audience creation, targeting, and syndication will be obsolete unless DMPs evolve to meet current data restrictions. B2C marketers, do not wait! Evaluate how your firm uses DMPs and start to take action. In my newly published research, “How Data Deprecation Diminishes DMPs And What To Do About It,” I outline what B2C marketers can do now to stay ahead of the cookie apocalypse:

  • Review your current DMP’s vision and roadmap.
  • Test non-cookie-based audience insights and syndication.
  • Court premium publishers to access, build, and syndicate audiences using your DMP.

Make no mistake: Data deprecation is not just a DMP issue. Marketers must now reimagine how they collect and leverage data to effectively acquire new customers or retarget existing customers. Read my report to learn how to prepare for this larger shift, and stay informed on this evolving issue by requesting an inquiry.