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Marketers must strike the right balance between getting close to customers and respecting their privacy. At a time of increasing regulation and customer pushback on data policies, the stakes have never been higher. Explore our insights and best practices on marketing & privacy.

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Privacy: “The Most Essential Battle Of Our Time”

Stephanie Liu May 5, 2022
Companies have an opportunity to use privacy as a competitive differentiator. Four factors are essential for the successful preservation of the right to privacy.

Privacy Isn’t Binary: The 2021 US Privacy Segmentation

Stephanie Liu April 1, 2022
Data deprecation is here, forcing marketers to stop hoovering up consumer data for opaque use cases. Consumers’ privacy-protecting behaviors are one of the four forces shaping this new marketing reality, but not every consumer has the same expectations, preferences, or concerns around information sharing. To quote Ted Lasso, “Different people are … different.” Our new […]

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Navigate China’s New Data And AI Regulations

Guannan Lu March 3, 2022
Firms often struggle to identify the appropriate security controls and practices to comply with fast-changing data regulations. Here are three practices firms should adapt to keep pace.

Proposed Surveillance Advertising Ban, Meet Contextual Targeting

Stephanie Liu January 21, 2022
A proposed US law banning surveillance advertising emphasizes that marketers need to invest in contextual advertising, zero-party data, and other less invasive ways to gain audience insights.

Oh, Snap: Data Deprecation Cuts Into Revenue

Stephanie Liu October 22, 2021
Don’t say we didn’t warn you. While reporting Snapchat’s Q3 results yesterday, CEO Evan Spiegel conceded Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework “disrupted” Snap’s advertising business as he reported lower-than-expected earnings. The earnings miss drove sharp declines in Facebook’s and Twitter’s stocks as well. ATT, which rolled out in April with iOS 14.5, requires users […]

Halloween Comes Early For Syniverse, FB, And Twitch — What We Can Learn From Their Spooky Outages Plus Breaches

Jeff Pollard October 7, 2021
As renowned ghost hunter and solver of mysteries Scooby-Doo would say, “Ruh roh, Raggy!” It looks like more than ghosts are wreaking havoc on haunted networks. We’re less than a full week into October, and Cybersecurity Awareness Month isn’t quite taking shape the way we expected. Ostensibly, orgs decided to pivot and use this time […]

The State Of Privacy In Asia Pacific: A Wake-Up Call For Marketers

Xiaofeng Wang August 18, 2021
Marketers in Asia know that consumers are increasingly demanding better data privacy practices. But they're struggling to translate that into real change. Discover the state of consumer data privacy in Asia.

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The “Wild West” Era Of Digital Advertising Is Ending

What It Means July 22, 2021
The third-party cookie is riding off into the sunset, ending the Wild West era of digital advertising. What comes next? The answer is complicated, but the opportunities are many, explain VP, Principal Analyst Joanna O’Connell and Principal Analyst Tina Moffett in this week’s What It Means.

Google Delays The Cookiepocalypse: A Data Deprecation Update

Fatemeh Khatibloo June 25, 2021
Confused by the recent update to Google's Privacy Sandbox timelines? Get the key takeaways and recommended next steps.

Data Ethics And DEI Convergence: A Win-Win Situation

Fatemeh Khatibloo May 26, 2021
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Data Ethics are increasingly interconnected, and brands must do both well to foster authentic, meaningful, and sustainable customer relationships. 

A Privacy Primer For Marketers

Joe Stanhope April 16, 2021
Privacy is firmly in the limelight as businesses weigh in on whether privacy is a human right and legislatures around the world debate new regulations and protections for consumers. Marketers are on the front lines of customer engagement, championing the consumer within the enterprise and taking an active role in privacy discussions.  But for marketers who aren’t already privacy […]

The Price Of Privacy And Asia’s Advertising Ecosystem: Call For Survey Participation

Xiaofeng Wang March 23, 2021
There’s a perfect storm brewing over the advertising ecosystem in Asia. First, consumer data privacy awareness has been rising: Forrester Analytics Consumer Technographics® data shows that 30% of consumers in the region make purchasing decisions based on brands’ commitment to consumer data privacy. Second, regulators across the region are imposing stricter consumer data privacy regulations […]

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Discover And Reduce The Privacy Risks Of Your Customer Experience Measurement Practices

Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian March 17, 2021
There are privacy risks in customer experience measurement. Today, protecting your customers’ and your employees’ privacy is key. Learn how to.

Predictions 2021: Privacy Becomes An Imperative In A Year Of Transition

Enza Iannopollo October 26, 2020
Learn which three privacy-related concerns will underpin organizations' transition to the post-pandemic new normal in 2021.

With Data Deprecation Picking Up Steam, B2C Marketers Must Rethink Their DMP Strategy

Tina Moffett August 19, 2020
Google’s intention to deprecate the third-party cookie will drastically impact modern marketing. And data management platform (DMP) core capabilities of audience creation, targeting, and syndication will be obsolete unless DMPs evolve to meet current data restrictions.

Straight From The Source: Collecting Zero-Party Data From Customers

Stephanie Liu July 30, 2020
Marketers are building out experiences to ask customers about volunteer zero-party data that they can’t infer, buy, or collect elsewhere.

Do Channel Vendors Need Public Relations Anymore?

Jay McBain June 1, 2020
The communications industry is facing a perfect storm of converging forces, from COVID-19 to the rise of influencer marketing and even AI. At Forrester, we research around 10,000 global technology vendors that utilize indirect sales and often get asked about the value of PR in the channel. A trend that is affecting many channel leaders […]

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Facebook, Inc. Extends Its Tentacles With GIPHY Acquisition

Jessica Liu May 19, 2020
There may be more to the move than meets the eye. The acquisition will give Facebook access to data it will find useful.

Future Of Retail 2020: Retail Marketers Face Privacy And Data Ethics Regulations

Fiona Swerdlow May 7, 2020
Forrester retail industry analysts provide insights on how privacy and data ethics regulations will affect retail marketers.

Communications And Collaboration Technology For Remote Workers

Jan Sythoff April 22, 2020
Forrester has completed several Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) studies focused on communication and collaboration technology. Higher productivity is a key, consistent, and measurable benefit. We found that there are several ways in which employee efficiency and effectiveness can be improved.
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