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Facebook’s Outage: Breaking The Ad Empire — For A Day?

The Facebook ecosystem outage should remind advertisers to have proactive risk mitigation plans in place.
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We Played Minecraft At Work — Here’s How It Went

What five things can you learn about team building in a remote work environment by playing video games together? Find out.
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Predictions 2022 — Be The First To Know

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The Risks And Rewards Of Biometric Data

Biometric data use is at a crossroads. Consumers love the convenience it provides but have privacy concerns. In this episode, VP, Research Director Merritt Maxim and VP, Principal Analyst Andras Cser dive into the benefits and risks of biometric data.
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Statement on COVID-19
Read our most up to date policies and procedures related to the coronavirus.

Experience Design

Getting experience design (XD) right is essential to CX transformation. But what is experience design — and how can it differentiate your brand? Read Forrester’s insights on elevating design to build more powerful customer connections.


Service Design’s Cocreation Principle: The Secret Sauce For Success

Karine Cardona-Smits September 28, 2021
Co-creation is the service design principle that transforms successful CX initiatives into game changers for organizations.
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Words Matter: Inclusive Experiences Start With Inclusive Language

Gina Bhawalkar September 13, 2021
Are you creating inclusive experiences for your customers? Many companies aren’t. For example, here’s a sampling of what we heard when we evaluated typical approaches to collecting personal information from consumers: “There is no open box to identify yourself. Ticking ‘other’ is alienating; therefore, if I didn’t identify as male or female, I wouldn’t feel […]
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How To Scale Digital Accessibility And Expand CX’s Influence

Discover how to turn a business must-have into a CX leadership opportunity.