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Disruptive forces necessitate bold decisions.

Be prepared to act at the critical moment — read our predictions to discover the focus areas that will characterize success in 2022.

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CX Predictions 2022: The Year Of The Grand Pivot

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Predictions 2022: Cloud Computing Reloaded

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Predictions 2022 Guide — Get A High-Level Overview of 2022

Read Forrester's top predictions across technology, marketing, CX and more in this new guide.

Predictions 2022: A Year To Be Bold

2022 will unleash opportunity and disruption across tech, sustainability, marketing, customer experience, and more. Start preparing now with our 2022 predictions.


Predictions 2022: Human Creativity Will Power Technology

Will technical debt get worse in 2022? How about shadow IT? Or the war for tech talent? Find out when VP and Senior Research Director Matt Guarini discusses our 2022 predictions for technology leaders — including one prediction that didn’t make the list.
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Statement on COVID-19
Read our most up to date policies and procedures related to the coronavirus.

Climate Action

Climate change has already made itself felt in the business world. Business continuity specialists are building climate action plans for acute events while investors divest from businesses seen as too vulnerable to climate risk. Read our insights on navigating the business risks posed by climate change.


What The US Infrastructure Bill Means To You

Renee Murphy November 10, 2021
After months of negotiations in Congress, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is about to become law. This new law will address specifics such as climate change, sustainability, and cybersecurity that all have specific requirements which, in turn, will drive your policy and regulation in the future. If you do business with the US federal […]
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Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of The Chief Sustainability Officer

Renee Murphy October 29, 2021
Chief sustainability officers (CSOs) (and their VP, director, etc., counterparts) are paving the way to a green future, an undertaking that requires massive transformational change. With confident visions of a sustainable economic system, CSOs are setting bold corporate climate action targets to decarbonize the economy and build trust with stakeholders. However, different firms require different […]
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Bring sustainability to the forefront of your business strategy.

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