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Your chatbot has a personality, whether you know it or not. Discover how to design a chatbot personality that enhances — rather than detracts from — your brand.

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Apple’s BIMI Support = Time To Get Serious About DMARC Enforcement

Learn how Apple's latest announcement will make inboxes safer and what's required to reach DMARC enforcement.

How Should Financial Services Respond To The Cost-Of-Living Crisis?

Banks should address the current, intense cost-of-living pressures as they did the pandemic — with empathy, flexibility, and creativity.

Did Our Predictions For 2022 Come True?

We made bold predictions for 2022. We weighed in on edge computing, CX, B2B marketing, cybersecurity, and more. Discover which predictions came true and which ones missed the mark as we prepare for Predictions 2023.

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The Secrets To Becoming An Effective Change Catalyst

Meaningful change in a company doesn’t have to come from the top. Anyone — regardless of seniority or title — can bring it about, say Vice Presidents Meta Karagianni and Peter Ostrow. On this week’s What It Means, they discuss how B2B professionals can successfully initiate change and give a preview of their keynote session at Forrester’s B2B Summit EMEA.

Annual Marketing Planning Insights

Sound annual marketing planning focuses your efforts and keeps resources aligned as you work toward long-range strategic objectives. Read our insights to improve your planning process.


In An Agile World, Who Needs B2B Marketing Planning?

Subhendu Pattnaik September 12, 2022
With a fiercely competitive business landscape, organisations have pushed the gas pedal to raise their growth momentum. New technologies and tech disruptions are mandating newer ways of working. Constantly evolving customer expectations and buying behaviour are pushing marketing organisations to deliver results and high impact, all the time. B2B marketing teams are under pressure to […]

Planning Guides 2023: B2B Marketing Leaders

Learn how and where your peers are increasing their investments – and scaling back. You’ll come away with the insight and data you need to target your investment priorities with more confidence and research-led data.

Seven Steps To An Effective Annual Marketing Plan

Discover a step-by-step process for building an annual marketing plan that sets your organization up for success.

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