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Research-based guidance on how to manage customer experience (CX) at any organization — an imperative that Forrester has been researching for over 20 years. Each week, Forrester analysts discuss key findings from their latest research on CX; analyze relevant topics in the news; or chat with CX professionals about how they’ve overcome prevalent challenges managing CX in their organizations.

Latest Episodes


342: What CX Leaders Need To Know About RevOps

The CX Cast February 13, 2024
Revenue operations teams and CX teams have overlapping interests when it comes to understanding the customer and improving the buying experience. Principal Analyst Anthony McPartlin gives us an initial overview of RevOps, revealing some exciting opportunities for both functions to be stronger together.

341: CX Planning Guide

The CX Cast February 7, 2024
CX leaders must invest to drive customer-focused action. This means investing more in tech to create and improve experiences, critical employee skills, unstructured feedback, and predictive modeling. Principal Analyst Pete Jacques walks us through Forrester's 2024 CX Planning guide and pragmatic budgeting advice to meet the emergent needs of customers.

340: CX Predictions 2024: Financial Services

The CX Cast January 30, 2024
Every year, Forrester looks to the future to predict what we think will happen across industries, geographies and technologies. In this episode, VP, Research Directors Oliwia Berdak and David Hoffman join us to talk about where they see the financial services industry heading in 2024.

339: CX Predictions 2024: Healthcare

The CX Cast January 23, 2024
Every year, Forrester looks to the future to predict what we think will happen across industries, geographies, and technologies. In this episode, Judy Weader and Shannon Germain Farraher get into the CX implications of the biggest predictions in healthcare. Tune in for insight on smart tech in hospitals, nontraditional benefits in plan designs, medical deserts, and other topics. 

338: CX Predictions 2024: Government

The CX Cast January 16, 2024
Every year Forrester looks to the future to predict what we think will happen across industries, geographies and technologies. In this episode Principal Analyst Riccardo Pasto joins us to talk about where he sees Government CX heading in 2024. We cover generative AI, open government, cross-agency collaboration and more as we discuss the state of CX in government and its path in 2024.

337: CX Predictions 2024: Retail

The CX Cast January 9, 2024
Forrester predictions are grounded in the previous year’s trends. To that end, VP, Principal Analyst Sucharita Kodali and VP, Research Director Fiona Swerdlow offer CX pros insight into 2024’s biggest changes in retail experience by first outlining 2023 trends and forecast data. They note the influence of digital and systemic risk on the biggest predictions.  Featuring: Sucharita […]

CX Cast: 2024 Preview

The CX Cast December 26, 2023
Though we’re out for the holidays this week, we’re dropping in with a short preview of what we have planned for the CX Cast in 2024. Tune in to hear what’s to come, including:  Our annual series on Forrester’s 2024 predictions, airing throughout January.  A preview of Forrester’s 2024 events theme, “Human + AI,” and what it means for the customer lifecycle.  And more content from Forrester analysts throughout the year. 

335: Culture Energy On The Front Lines

The CX Cast December 19, 2023
Forrester’s culture energy data reveals that culture varies across organizations, including within an individual company. In this episode, Martin interviews Angelina on her findings regarding customer-facing employees’ unique culture within an organization. Angelina shares her findings from other interviews with other culture experts, who helped her explain the data.

334: Seven Steps Of Highly Effective Journey Mapping

The CX Cast December 12, 2023
Journey maps are wildly popular, and for good reason: Done right, they can transform your company’s customer experience and even alter its culture. But producing journey maps won’t change anything unless CX professionals think ahead about purpose, goals, and potential broader impact and follow the seven key steps of effective journey mapping. Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Joana de Quintanilha joins to discuss how to align your journey mapping efforts with your overall CX strategy. Listen as we run through seven steps to do journey mapping right — whether to design customer-centric experiences, or align employees and cultures to customer needs. 

333: Practitioner Stories: Managing Global CX At HSBC

The CX Cast December 5, 2023
Managing global complexity is a major challenge when it comes to understanding what customers want, delivering customer goals, and measuring success. Gail Russell, global head of customer experience, wealth, and personal banking at HSBC, joins the CX Cast this week to share insights from her session at CX EMEA. 

332: How To Set CX Metrics Goals

The CX Cast November 30, 2023
CX leaders must set goals for standard CX beacon metrics such as NPS and CSAT, but every organization is at a different point in their measurement journey. Rich Saunders, Senior Analyst, describes the challenges in setting the right metric goals and how to take a tailored approach that matures over time. 

331: How To Design Great Workshop Activities

The CX Cast November 21, 2023
Senior Analyst AJ Joplin goes deeper into how to design, plan, and facilitate a workshop, this time discussing approaches to designing the workshop activities. Whether your workshop is for journey mapping or experience design, AJ explains how to guide participants to outcomes.

330: What CX Leaders Need To Know About Technology

The CX Cast November 15, 2023
Technology underpins great CX. But how much do you really know about how your platforms work? How much do you need to know? What’s the next big technology that you need to pay attention to? OK, obviously it’s generative AI, but what else? Producer Julia joined Martin at Forrester’s annual Technology & Innovation Forum in London to find out what’s hot in the world of technology. 

329: What CX Leaders Need To Know About Generative AI

The CX Cast November 7, 2023
Generative AI (GenAI) will have a transformative impact on customer experience. VP, Principal Analyst David Truog guides CX leaders on how to harness the creativity and navigate the risks of GenAI for better CX. He offers definitions, use cases, and prescriptive advice so you can confidently dive into this brave new world. 

328: How To Facilitate A Great Workshop

The CX Cast October 31, 2023
Workshops have grown in popularity as a frequent activity for CX pros. But successful workshop facilitation requires skill and thoughtful planning. Forrester Senior Analyst AJ Joplin discusses the importance of improving workshop facilitation and outlines an approach for optimal workshop output.

327: Empathy Part II & Welcome New Analyst!

The CX Cast October 24, 2023
In this episode, we welcome back Senem Guler Biyikli, now officially an analyst! She joins us to discuss the link between anthropology and CX, her current research on empathy, and how to promote empathy in a digital environment.

326: CX Safari

The CX Cast October 17, 2023
In this episode, CX Cast host and Forrester VP and Research Director Martin Gill joins Senior Analyst Michelle Beeson to describe a workshop activity they used to bring the frameworks of value for customer to life. They had participants, who represented different companies and industries, try out a combination of mystery shopping and ethnographic research by visiting coffee shops in London. Listen to hear about the frameworks, design, and approach used for the activity and how your company can put it in place.

325: The State Of CX Teams

The CX Cast October 11, 2023
Every year, Forrester’s global survey of firms’ customer experience (CX) programs presents up-to-date insights into CX teams. Variation across CX teams, including team size, responsibility, and budget, is a main theme in the 2023 results. Principal Analyst Judy Weader, whose upcoming report dives into the survey results, joins us to discuss her findings.

324: Journey Mapping Trends

The CX Cast October 4, 2023
It’s a topic that is a perennial favorite among CX pros: journey mapping. Today, journey mapping platforms help not only with mapping itself but with visualization, brainstorming, and ideation, as well. Covering the key trends is Forrester Senior Analyst Michelle Beeson.

323: How To Connect With Stakeholders On CX

The CX Cast September 26, 2023
CX pros are used to focusing on the customer, often using tools like personas and workshops to create stellar customer experiences. This week, Forrester Senior Analyst Su Doyle makes the case for using those same strategies to prove CX value internally.