Consumers have long awaited a better way to understand where to go for care. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated this problem on a national stage. Yet self-triage solutions, which provide actionable recommendations to users on what to do next, are poised to become a mainstay of the digital front door in healthcare. These are solutions designed to assist consumers in evaluating and assessing health issues and help guide consumers to the best care settings.

Yet per new research from Forrester, while many consumers must use these tools before they receive care, data shows that a significant number of consumers (64 percent) aren’t yet confident in their accuracy. Forrester goes on to further describe the following:

  • How, beyond the pandemic, self-triage will play a critical role in the digital front door and, as a result, healthcare organizations must make key decisions now to impact the long-term effectiveness of these solutions.
  • How, as organizations optimize these tools, it’s imperative for them to design experiences that reassure consumers, user clear and concise language, and provide seamless and actionable recommendations at the end of the journey.

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