Are you a product strategist trying to craft an iPad (or general tablet) product strategy?  For example, are you thinking about creating an app to extend your product proposition using the iPad or other tablet computer?

At Forrester, we’ve noticed that product strategists in a wide variety of verticals – media, retail, travel, consumer products, financial services, pharmaceuticals, software, and many others – are struggling to make fundamental decisions about how the iPad (and newer tablets based on Android, Windows, webOS, RIM’s QNX, and other platforms) will affect their businesses.

To help these clients, an analyst on my team, Sarah Rotman Epps, has designed a one-day Workshop that she’ll be conducting twice, on February 8th and February 9th, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

She’ll be helping clients answer fundamental questions, such as:

  • Do we need to develop an iPad app for our product/service/website? If we don't build an app, what else should we do?
  • What are the best practices for development app products for the iPad? What are the features of these best-in-class app products?
  • Which tablet platforms should we prioritize for development, aside from the iPad?
  • Which tablets will be the strongest competitors to the iPad?
  • What’s the future of the tablet market, and how can I plan to capitalize on that future?
  • How can an understanding of People, Objectives, Strategy, and Technology help me build a winning iPad product strategy?

Sarah works with product strategists developing computing products and services. She’s had extensive experience in working with product strategists intent upon building iPad apps, often at the highest levels. She’s also one of the most quoted analysts in the world on the topic of tablets, including recent media hits in the New York Times, Ad Age, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal.  She authored Forrester’s breakthrough report: POST: A Pragmatic Framework For Developing An iPad Strategy.

Based on Forrester’s well-established POST methodology– which we’ve applied previously to social media and to mobile – the workshop will help product strategists in every industry who are constructing app strategies think through their approaches. The workshop will also interest hardware vendors building devices to compete with the iPad.

To find out more – and to register – please visit the POST Workshop Homepage.