Early next month, Forrester will publish a report on the dynamics of China’s private cloud market. This research demonstrates that Chinese I&O pros have started to leverage the benefits of private cloud — including highly standardized and automated virtual pooling and metered pay-per-use chargeback — to support the digital transformation of traditional business. By using private cloud, Chinese I&O pros not only support their business units’ digital transformation, but also provide the cost transparency that the CFO’s office demands. In practical business terms, Chinese organizations use private cloud to:

  • Improve business agility. There is fierce market competition to give Chinese consumers more choices. To do this, Chinese organizations must shift their business operations to increase their product portfolio to win new customers and provide a better customer experience to serve and retain existing customers. Chinese I&O pros need to provide a cloud platform that also supports business units’ requirement to lower their capital and operating expenditures.
  • Avoid disruption by Internet companies. Chinese web-based companies have started to use high-quality service to disrupt traditional businesses. Chinese I&O pros need to provide more flexible computing to help the application development team to improve the development cycle and respond to customers more quickly, flexibly, and effectively.
  • Develop new business without adding redundancy. Chinese organizations want to scale up new business to offset declines in revenue. However, the existing IT infrastructure at these firms often cannot support new business models — and can even take a toll. Chinese I&O pros need to find a new way — such as private cloud — to support business development and reuse existing infrastructure.

In this report, I present more details for these drivers by vertical in China market and describe local case studies to help Chinese I&O pros finally set up a true private cloud from the very beginning, rather than just implementing virtualization.

The report also analyzes the business operations and go-to-market strategies of nearly 20 private cloud vendors in China. Forrester divides these vendors into two categories: private cloud converged systems vendors and private cloud software solutions vendors. Chinese I&O pros can leverage the details in this report to find the right vendor to meet their requirements.

If you’d like details on how to adopt private cloud solutions in China or would like to initiate a conversation, please feel free to contact me: fliu@forrester.com