The Future of Retail Will Blow Your Mind. A bold claim? You bet.


The retail industry is facing a tectonic shift. Empowered customers are challenging age-old truths every day. New distribution channels, e-commerce impacting physical stores, new payment systems and innovative technical solutions disrupt old operating models. Mobile and wearables connect customers wherever they are. Retailers face new and unprecedented challenges.


But you know this, right? You’ve developed a digital strategy. You’re selling online. You’ve got a mobile app. Maybe some digital signage in your stores. You’re sorted.


Think again.


As a retail digital business executive, it’s time to rethink your omnichannel customer experience to get ahead of the game. The physical and digital worlds are converging and with it so are your channels. Retail is at the epicentre of disruption. Interactive video displays extend endless aisle eCommerce into the retail stores. Mobile instruments your customers as they browse your stores. Connected coffee machines automatically reorder your favourite drinks. These examples are emerging today, but they’ll be mainstream tomorrow, and they’re fundamentally shifting your customers’ expectations.


But the physical/digital divide isn't binary, it's a continuum. In this new world, retailers can’t separate physical and digital experience strategies. Gone are the days when a bolt-on digital strategy was enough. The answer lies in customer obsession.


Forrester is teaming up with AMF Fastigheter and Stockholm School of Economics to jointly host a complimentary event  on Wednesday 22nd March in Stockholm at the Epicenter – Stockholm’s first innovation house, where we’ll:


  • Examine the future of retail customer experience and look at how firms are bridging the digital/physical divide.
  • Take a look at some potential scenarios for the future of retail, covering trends like anti-consumerism and the sharing economy.
  • Facilitate a panel discussion with leading Swedish retailers on what all this means to their, and your businesses.
  • Take a tour of the Epicenter itself.


If your are a retail executive (sorry – retailers only) and your are interested, we have a limited number of seats available, so please register here.