It’s been a rough year for advertisers, and 2021 will bring new challenges to a weary and quickly evolving industry. As advertisers attempt to reckon with the impending upheaval of data deprecation, they’ll be forced to divert attention toward more pressing — and distracting — issues that have emerged due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Forrester predicts that next year:

  • Virtual ad creation will explode. The pandemic has forced brands to slash budgets and headcount — but expectations for high-quality advertising haven’t evaporated. In 2021, brands will turn to virtual ad creation in a variety of ways, from virtual influencers to increased investments in creative adtech. One recent Kool-Aid ad used a Memoji-like avatar instead of real kids to advertise its products.
  • One big brand will unexpectedly reshape its media strategy around values. This year, we saw a large group of brands make their corporate values known with the Facebook ad boycott. But in 2021, we’ll see a single brand take a leap of faith in a Jim Gaffigan moment — an unexpected twist of values-based messaging that will radiate through the brand’s entire media ecosystem.
  • From PPE to Zoom, brands will push the limits of pandemic advertising. Cue the somber piano music and the “we’re all in this together” declarations: We’re now entering the mass-market phase of pandemic advertising. 2021 will bring an influx of new pandemic-friendly ad placements, from branded personal protective equipment to pre-roll ads on freemium videoconferencing tools.

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