Our evaluation, The Forrester Wave™: Digital Asset Management Systems, Q1 2024, reveals a field of digital asset management (DAM) vendors that are pushing the boundaries of intelligent and strategic creativity. With consumer expectations for personalized experiences ratcheting higher and higher, marketing and brand leaders now need their rich-media assets: images, video, audio, and 3D files to be available in more geographies and serve even more digital touchpoints. This higher level of performance has caused DAM systems to evolve significantly since our last evaluation — many features that were cutting-edge are now ubiquitous in today’s DAM solutions. Our 26-criterion evaluation sheds light on the following key areas:

  • Integrate better to drive precise consumer interactions. DAM systems now integrate deeply with content management systems, product information management, and e-commerce solutions, in addition to creative suites, to serve digital experience orchestration even better by eliminating silos and promoting new levels of collaboration.
  • Intelligently manage the content deluge. As teams remove friction, AI in DAM systems can help envision new concepts and empower marketing leaders to reach new audiences and geographies faster than ever before.
  • Drive more enterprise value through strategic creativity. Design capabilities are now driving new levels of innovation across digital experiences. As marketing and brand leaders harness these trending creative capabilities, DAM systems are becoming even more foundational to digital business.

How Do You Determine Which Solution Is The Best Fit For Your Business?

If you are assessing the digital asset management capabilities of your organization, get in touch with me for an inquiry or guidance session so we can explore the right technology for your business.

Forrester clients can download the full Wave scorecard (using the Excel download link at the top of the page) and dig into the wealth of evaluative information in the scores and scales. This is an incredibly powerful and customizable tool. Some of our recently released reports provide additional detail to help guide your decisions, including revenue/cost drivers, embedded solutions, and the larger DAM landscape of vendors: